Busted: Breaking Commonly Accepted Myths About Mexico City

Busted: Breaking Commonly Accepted Myths About Mexico City
Myths about Mexico, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Misconceptions about Mexican culture foreigners have been getting wrong

Roshni Subramanian
September 27 , 2019
03 Min Read

If fajitas, salsa, tequila and Cancun are the only images that pop in your head on hearing Mexico, then it's probably about time that you revisited this country. Quite contrary to what many think, Mexico is neither a lawless land nor a breeding ground for crime. What it rather offers is a wealth of culture and a cuisine that is so incredible that it captivates your soul. Next time you’re in this land of enchantment, try not to fall for these typical Mexican stereotypes. 

Safety is a debatable issue in Mexico


The myth that Mexico is run by drug lords has been perpetuated by pop culture

From drug lords to street gangs to road rage, it is often assumed that crime is rampant in Mexico. More often than not, the only question asked to any person visiting this country is “ but isn’t it dangerous?’. Thanks to pop culture, Mexico has been painted as the land of drug mafia. But this is quite far from reality.  Busting this myth once and for all, the only criminal that you might have to lookout for is a petty pickpocket. So be a little careful next time you carry something valuable on the streets in Mexico. But isn’t that the case everywhere? 

The weather is ‘horribly’ hot

Puerto Vallarto

Often misunderstood as a dry, dusty and vast desert, there’s an endless list of myths when it comes to Mexican climate. What many might find hard to believe is that the weather in Mexico is extremely diverse. While some regions are sure crazy hot, others have even experienced snowfall during the winters. The climate in fact varies according to the region that you’re in. Reports claim that currently there are 4 glaciers in Mexico that are being adversely impacted by climate change.

Mexican food is spicy and all about burritos

Mexican feast

Do not call yourself a food connoisseur if you’re idea of of Mexican cuisine is the infamous Tex - Mex and Chipotle. For most people, their knowledge of Mexican food is limited to fajita, salsa, burrito and churros. But Mexico has a lot more to offer and has an incredible street food culture. Visitors also fear falling prey to the traveller’s diarrhea. While one might be tempted to try out the wide array of dishes presented, hygiene, cleanliness and the quality of water should be taken into consideration before trying out anything new. Busting the myth about spicy food, while the dish in itself may not be spicy, the accompanying sauces sure add the zingy flavour. So the next time you’re seeking a Mexican food adventure, do remember to take bottled water along. 

Everything is dirt cheap in Mexico

Mexican street market near Plaza de las Americas

Mexico sure is an ideal place for a budget holiday, especially if you’re residing in the US. But to assume that you’ll get crazy cheap deals everywhere you go in Mexico is maybe stretching it a bit too far. While there are some islands where you can survive on a monthly rent of $250, the other mainstream attractions like Cancun and Tulum are quite expensive. 

Spanish is their official language

Many assume that Mexicans do not speak English at all

Small cultural differences and language barriers can ruin a perfect holiday. Knowing a little bit of Spanish can help you get out of a sticky situation in Mexico since it is the most widely spoken language there. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the official language. In fact, Mexico doesn’t have an official language. There are various other indigenuous languages that the different communities within Mexico use to communicate effectively such as Nahautl which has 1.3 million speakers. 

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