Keep Calm And DonTelMama

Keep Calm And DonTelMama
Mutton boti tacos at DonTelMama,

Delhi, there's a new kid in town. Musically upbeat and great food-wise, DonTelMama you skipped your home lunch for this

Precious Kamei
September 25 , 2019
03 Min Read
Most restaurants almost everywhere are so been-there-done-that, done-to-death, at this point just about anything that describes 'generic' will fit. Food is delicious (sometimes not), music is loud and we are not saying that it's a bad thing but if you have to leave the room everytime you want to talk, that's a mood killer right there. Also, almost everyone is trying to bring something unique to the table. Don't we all just use the word 'unique' too loosely sometimes? Well, coming back to restaurants these days, since fancy fusion aren't going away anytime soon, what new do we have? And if at all we are going with fusion, can we at least get a good one? I had all these thoughts playing on loop, in my head, as I headed towards South Ex 2 for a late lunch at city's very own DonTelMama. Nice name though.

DonTelMama has a good music sceneThe folks at DonTelMama promise high-tempo party scenes, they say music is their USP. That being said, I surprisingly found the music pretty tolerable, for that time of the day. It wasn't too loud, I didn't have to yell my orders. A platform for local and national talents, they say. A lot of interaction, music of various genres, fresh talents, has-been name it, they'll have it. Don't worry, food and drinks are there too. What party is complete without lip-smacking food and good (really good) drinks? Delhiites' love for fusion is something we can't deny, DonTelMama didn't either.

Menu is long and everything sounds delicious. Aggressive fusion of Indian and Mexican, Indian and Italian, North and East Indian, they have got their fusion all right. Here are some of the items from their menu that shouldn't be skipped:

1) DTM Traditionally Marinated Fish: The dish will remind you of Amritsari fish, a lot.
2) Rara Gosht Spaghetti: This one's good for it is spaghetti pasta served with Indian spiced rara gosht. For those new in town, rara is a very interesting mutton recipe that has pieces of mutton and keema in a beautiful spicy mix. 
3) Poulet a' la Sauce Tomato: This grilled boneless beauty cooked in buttered tomamto gray comes with jasmine rice.
4) Cinnamon Whisky Story: who knew that a stick of cinnamon just casually thrown in your drink would actually make your drink taste so wonderfully! The charming drink of honey, Bourbon whiskey and lemon juice is a complete winner. *hic*
5) Ginger Sour: another whiskey delight! Bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, ginger water, ginger pickle and egg whites--there's nothing unusual about this. A refreshing drink, that's what this is.
6) Velvet Delicacy: Something not too sweet for your sweet tooth. When you think of vanilla sponge cake soaked in rabri and topped with butterscotch ice-cream, you head may scream "Sugar rush!". But no, this one is mild and pleasantly addictive. You'll never know how that huge bowl of dessert vanish that fast. 
The pretty smoking area at DonTelMama
Swanky interior at DonTelMamaFood is all good, let's talk about time and space. Timing is perfect for a late lunch or a casual evening hangout. It opens at 3pm ! Space, DonTelMama is spread across three levels: first level, the main room is spacious with differently-lit areas for different occasions and groups. The mid-section is bright and open and at the same time, there are intimate corners with hues of maroon, green and blue. The smoking area is outside and there is a very friendly resident cat (stray we are told, but it didn't look stray-ish). The furry good boi will demand lots of petting. The outdoor experience doesn't end here, in fact it is further extended to two levels, the topmost level gives you the bird's eye view of the city and Noida. Perfect space for an intimate group of friends. 
The Information

Where: South Extension-2, Delhi
Pocket Pinch:  2,100 for two; exclusive of taxes
What Is It: Casual Dining and Bar
Timing: 3pm to Midnight

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