India Through The Truckers' Eye

India Through The Truckers' Eye
Tata Motors has curated a collection of photos, shot by truckers across the country , Photo Credit: Tata Motors

Tata truckers from across the country have a community of 15,000 truckers sending them regular updates and photographs for the 'Photo OK Please' contest

OT Staff
July 26 , 2019
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You’re on an empty stretch of road curving steeply up into the Himalayas. Mountains loom intimidatingly, the road is slick with ice and the only sound for miles around is the sound of your own ragged breath. Icy winds sting your eyes and you jam your fingers deeper into your jacket, becoming suddenly aware of the limitations of your urban experiences in this environment. 

Suddenly from the distance, emerges a familiar deep hum, followed by the bright colours of a Truck, as it effortlessly chugs along the winding slopes. As it pulls up to the tiny dhaba you’re at, out hops a Trucker who seems to know the wizened dhaba owner awfully well. Well he certainly seems right at home, you note in wonder! But then again, why wouldn’t he? These beautiful cold lands and the mountain folk that guard them are his best friends!

Truckers enjoy the freedom to connect with the Great Outdoors as part of their daily work. The road is their workspace and everyday they travel to parts of the country that the average Indian would probably never see in a lifetime. 

Having mastered the art of driving through impossible terrain, effortlessly handling tough weather and managing for days on end without urbanization in sight, our Truckers have the kind of grit and resolve that one sees in soldiers. 

Unfortunately, due to the unfortunately unfavourable public perception of them, India’s truckers hadn’t been feeling particularly positive about the profession and their numbers had been dwindling steadily.

Tata Motors decided to showcase the perks of life on the road in a way that not only inspired potential entrants to look at Trucking in a new light, but also held a mirror to existing truckers and bolstered their feelings of worth and camaraderie.

Enter Photo OK Please!

‘Photo OK Please’ was conceived as a photography contest for Tata truckers - to enable them to share beautiful photos of their travels through beautiful parts of the country that not many get to see, and win appreciation and social media validation.

We realized quickly, that while Truckers were hard to track once they were on their travels, theyall carried camera phones, took pictures of their travels and shared them on social media. That’s when we decided to speak to Truckers via the single common and versatile denominator we had with them – Whatsapp.

By WhatsApping a designated Photo OK Please number, drivers were able to self register via an easy link sent to them and submit photos in real time.

To overcome language barriers, we messaged them in 12 different regional languages, and for drivers who couldn’t read, sent voice messages and instructional/informative GIFs. 

We utilized all the various features of WhatsApp to communicate with them - including sending instructional and informative messages as Audio, Photo Messages and Video Messages, in addition to the regular Text based updates.

Real Truckers, Real Photos, Real Results! 

The result was a vibrant community of nearly 15,000 Tata Truckers who were actively participating, sending in photographs and status updates every single day.

They exchanged over 200,000 WhatsApp messages with us and shared over 23,000 pictures that reached a social media audience of over 4 million people! 

The contest was a huge success and plans are currently underway to make Season 2 of the Contest bigger and more exciting! 


*This is a sponsored post for Tata Motors 


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