Britain’s Best Bites and Beverages

Britain’s Best Bites and Beverages
Traditional full English breakfast with fried eggs, sausages, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and bacon, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Indulge in the most iconic culinary items that Great Britain has to offer

Sahana Iyer
July 12 , 2019
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Any mention of British food promptly brings up Fish and Chips or Tea to one’s mind, unsurprisingly. For most of us, our knowledge on British food is limited to the few stereotypical options displayed on television shows. Those who are in London for the grand final match of the Cricket World Cup may finally be able to expand their horizons and try some authentic British food. Here is our list of the most iconic foods from Great Britain that you must try during a visit. 

Rustic meal of haggis, neeps and tatties



A popular Scottish dish, Haggis is a minced dish made from heart, liver and lungs of a sheep (other animals may also be used) combined with oatmeal, onions, suet and spices. In an unusual method of preparation, the cleaned stomach of the animal is traditionally used as the casing in which it is cooked. Haggis has a crumbly texture with a savoury and spicy taste, usually served with mashed turnip (neeps), tatties (mashed potatoes) and a glass of whiskey.

Homemade Bangers and Mash with herbs and gravy

Bangers and Mash

On visits to a pub, you are likely to find this dish on the menu. Another name for sausages and mashed potatoes, bangers and mash are one of the most consumed dishes in Britain. The sausages are typically pork, beef or lamb, served with creamy mashed potato and a smooth onion sauce to add the zest.

Beef Wellington with cherry tomatoes on Christmas

Beef Wellington

Juicy beef tenderloin coated with a layer of pâté (paste containing liver) andduxelles (finely chopped mushroom stems, onions and shallots), further wrapped in a ham and puff pastry; there is no ingredient in a Beef Wellington that disappoints. The flaky pastry on the outside and tender meat on the inside make a delectable mix of textures.

Traditional british sunday roast with yorkshire pudding, roasted potato and vegetables

Yorkshire Pudding

A humble side on a typical Sunday roast, the Yorkshire pudding is a simple concoction of eggs, flour and milk. It is versatile in its use and can be served with a number of combinations; the most popular one being served with onion gravy. The trick to a well-risen Yorkshire pudding is leaving the batter out for a day.

Sweet Homemade Strawberry Trifle Dessert with Custard and Cake

English Trifle

What better than a dessert incorporating the best of all sweets? English trifle is a popular holiday dessert made by layers of sherry-soaked cake, custard, fruits, whipped cream and jam. You can switch around a couple of the ingredients and give your own twist to the final product. 

Spotted dick with custard pouring on top

Spotted dick

Unfortunate as the name might be, the memorable taste of the spotted dick is testament to its popularity. A moist sponge pudding or cake dotted with currants or raisins, the dish is topped off with a serving of custard. The dish is widely found in canned form as well. 

Hot black pudding with onion and parsley

Black Pudding

Commonly referred to as blood pudding in other parts of the world, Black pudding is a traditional British version of a blood sausage. A typical black pudding recipe includes pork blood, pork fat or beef suet, combined with oats. The mixture is then spiced with mint, thyme and other spices to enhance flavour.

British Crumpets breakfast with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries drizzled with icing sugar


A fluffy, round cake with holes, a crumpet is a unique alternative for an American flat pancake. Garnished similarly, crumpets can be enjoyed with a glaze of warm butter or a topping of assorted fruits and sugar. You may even add a few savoury items such as bacon strips or eggs for a contrasting counterpart.

Rustic Shepherd's pie with meat and potatoes

Shepherd’s pie

Following fish and chips, shepherd’s pie is arguably the most well-known British dish. A star component of a Sunday roast, it is a savoury pie baked with a filled of minced meat, generally lamb. It is also known as cottage pie when lamb is substituted by beef mince. 

Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A classic dessert produced from the iconic combination of toffee and cake, Britain’s sticky toffee pudding sounds, looks and tastes marvelous. The base is a dense sponge cake with a drizzle of sweet toffee sauce to top it off. Additional ingredients such as dates, figs, ice cream and custard are often used as garnish.

Scotch eggs on a plate with watercress salad and mayonnaise dip

Scotch eggs

Contrary to what the name might suggest, there is no alcohol- just a punch of flavour- in this dish. Deep fried boiled eggs covered in sausage and breadcrumbs, Scotch eggs make a handy picnic or carnival snack. Ranch dressing and other sauces are used as dips to accompany the dish.

British Traditional Fish and chips with mashed peas, tartar sauce on crumpled paper with cold beer

Fish and Chips

It isn’t a stretch to claim fish and chips as the most important British dish on this list. A widely-recognised fast food dish, fish and chips are a combination of fish fried in batter, served with a side of fried potato slices (commonly referred to as fries in America). Tartar sauce and lemon wedges are sometimes offered alongside the meal.

Tea and macarons


No British household is complete without good ol’ tea. The concept is pretty self-explanatory. Tea leaves boiled in water and served in small cups. Milk and sugar are generally added to amp the sweetness and consistency.


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