The Weirdest Food Dishes From Around The Globe

The Weirdest Food Dishes From Around The Globe
Ever tried black eggs?, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

No guts, no glory

Adharsh Thangamani
May 14 , 2019
03 Min Read

Travel makes you want to see new cultures, experience their ways of life,  and of course, try out dishes from the regions culinary offerings. But would you be daring enough to try out these bizarre dishes from around the globe?

Origin: The Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey


A traditional dish from the Middle eastern Asian countries and eastern European countries (Azerbajain, Turkey, Bosnia, Bulgaria, etc.) is a dish made up of stewed cows feet, head and stomach. As long as you don’t mind the thought of a cows' skull staring right back at you while you’re going to indulge in the tastefulness of the dish, you should be in the clear.

Century eggs
Origin: Southeast Asia

They’re not eggs older than a hundred years but are still pretty old for any food item. With a taste similar to regular boiled eggs (with a little extra flavour), century eggs are made by preserving eggs in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime. This gives it a rich aroma of ammonia and sulfur, rendering its yolk greenish black and egg white, translucent and gooey. It is served as a regular dish. Six minutes of boiling an egg in plain water should do the job if you want a quick bite of energy.

Origin: Mexico

We've got ants in our pants thinking about this oneTurns out that escamoles are the edible larvae and pupae of ants commonly served as a dish in Central Mexico. With a resemblance to pine nuts and a rather buttery and nutty taste, it is one of the most famous insect dishes in the world. It’s often served in tacos or omelettes or just in its pure form with a little stir on the frying pan. You should care to give it a try, just to know if you’re ant enough.

Casu Marzue
Origin: Italy

Say cheeseThis Sardinian cheese is pretty rare to find and it may stay that way forever, considering that this cheese has live maggots in it. The sheep's milk cheese has a strong after taste that lasts for hours and it’s made by allowing flies to lay eggs on the cheese. This leads to the larvae softening the large middle portion of the cheese by breaking down the fats. This type of cheese has origins in Italy and France and is usually served with wine or flatbread. We recommend some wine, maybe just to help gather the courage to nibble on this cheese.

Wasp Crackers
Origin: Japan

This is not your average cookie. This is a cookie that can sting you and your entire existence. This Japanese cookie, has wasps inside it, perhaps to add spice and excitement to your life. And the list of dishes that include insects just keeps going on.

Blood Pudding
Origin: United Kingdom

Not your ordinary breakfast itemThe blood pudding has its origins in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Made from pork blood using thickeners such as bread crumbs, pork fat and beef suet, the finished product is supposed to be quite delicious. Often served with xxxx

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