When 'Made In China' Became A Good Thing

When 'Made In China' Became A Good Thing
A brilliant replica of the Florentia Village in the Chinese city of Wuqing

Take a round trip of the world by hopping around China

OT Staff
March 03 , 2019
02 Min Read

There are two ways to travel the world. You can either go the traditional route, hopping from one country to another. Or do it the Chinese way—bring the best of the world to where you are. Here are five noteworthy replicas of famous monuments that can be found in China.

Tower Bridge, Suzhou

 Tower Bridge in Suzhou

A 131-feet mock-up of the famous Tower Bridge in London can be found in Suzhou. Well, it's not an exact copy. For this one is double the size, with twice as many towers. This allows the bridge to have a dual carriage system, necessary for a big country like China. The only thing missing is the draw bridge from the original.

Window of the World Park, Shenzhen

A replica of the Window of the World Park in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the place to be if you want to walk through the world. The Window of the World theme park features 130 monuments from virtually everywhere on the planet in just one place. See the Taj Mahal, Acropolis, Statue of Liberty and more here. The pyramids and the Sphinx are there but look like they have shrunk in size and travelled to Shenzhen. 

Eiffel Tower, Hangzhou

The Eiffel Tower replica in Hangzhou

We all want to bring a little bit of Paris home. China did so by copying the Eiffel Tower. Not once, but seven times. Some of these only take ‘inspiration’ or are miniatures, but the one in Hangzhou is different. Located in a Paris-inspired residential complex, this is a 108-foot-tall replica that attracts international and national tourists.

Roman Colosseum, Macao

A fine replica of the Roman Colosseum in Macao

The Roman Colosseum, which once seated over 50,000, was used for executions and gladiator fights. The one in China is a bit different. Located in Macau’s Fisherman’s Wharf, it is not as grand, with just over 2,000 seats. It serves as an outdoor venue for concerts and events. However, it makes for a great photo-op if you cannot make it to Rome.

Florentia Village, Wuqing

Florentia Village replica in Wuqing

Florentia Village is so true to its inspiration, the picturesque Italian town of Florentine, that it makes you forget you are in China. It consists of shopping complexes with luxury brands, residential areas and even a canal, giving it a Venetian twist.

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