Noma, KOKS & More: Meet The 2019 Nordic Michelin Starcast

Noma, KOKS & More: Meet The 2019 Nordic Michelin Starcast

Reach for the spoon, and you'll land among these stars

Bhavika Govil
February 21 , 2019
02 Min Read

On the Michelin Guide website, they claim that getting a Michelin star (or three) could change the fate of a restaurant. They aren’t tooting their own horn. Restaurants awarded the coveted flower-like star by Michelin are considered institutions, and many chefs spend their career striving for the mark, and once achieved, maintaining it.  The Michelin Food Guide is a set of guidebooks produced by the French tire company, Michelin that reviews restaurants on a unique rating system— awarding them symbols such as spoon & fork for the service quality, and stars (rarely) for excellence in food quality.

The most recent in this series is the Michelin Guide Book 2019 for Nordic Countries, covering restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Aland and Faroe Islands . There are 64 restaurants with stars in the guide book in total. This year, three new restaurants were awarded two stars, four were given one star and none received three stars. The most newsworthy and anticipated of these is Noma, the brainchild of Rene Redzepi, which is praised for its season-centric menu. This Copenhagen, Denmark-based restaurant was voted no. 1 in the world four times between 2011 and 2014 before shutting down. Last year saw the launch of Noma 2.0 (read about our experience there). If its future would be as successful as its predecessor’s was uncertain, but all doubts have now been smashed down as Noma has won two Michelin Stars within its first year of being back. The other two Nordic restaurants to be awarded the two stars are Gastrologik in Stockholm, Sweden and KOKS in the Faroe Islands.  Gastrologik went from its one-star status to two after six years and KOKS, said to be the most remote dining experience in the world, was promoted in two quick years.  

KOKS, one of the most isolated restaurants in the world, has won its second star Why were they selected? As per Rebecca Burr, the director of the Nordic Countries Guide, “These three restaurants may appear quite different – the remoteness of KOKS, the understated sophistication of Gastrologik, and the urban farm style of Noma – but all three adhere to an ethos of being truly ingredient-led and reflective of the seasons.”

The four restaurants to receive One Star are Palace in Helsinki, Finland, Alouette in Copenhagen, Denmark, Credo and FAGN in Trondheim, Norway. Iceland, on the other hand, lost its only Michelin star restaurant, DILL, in this year’s edition.

You can browse their website here and buy Michelin guide books online for the complete list!

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