10 Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel Green

10 Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel Green
Be a responsible and eco-friendly traveller Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From reducing plastic and paper usage to consuming less fuel while travelling, we bring you 10 essential trips to travel in an eco-friendly manner and not hurt the environment

Utkarsh Mishra
May 16 , 2022
03 Min Read

While we roam around the globe in search of harmony and contentment, the environment is constantly losing its serendipity. Taking on unexplored territories and finding solace is the least a traveller could ask for. It is about losing yourself into your real self and witnessing the unfolding of the beauty called nature. There is no baggage when it comes to walking down mesmerising trails. However, there is one particular responsibility which needs to be taken utmost care of - to travel in a responsible manner. Natural resources are constantly being depleted. So, don’t take the planet lightly and do your best to travel green. Here are 10 eco-friendly ways which you can implement on your travels and be a responsible traveller:

Use jute bags in place of plastic ones
Using jute bags is eco-friendly and at the same time it reduces the possibility of harmful effects of plastic usage. Littering is a serious threat and hence reducing usage of plastic while travelling is a welcome change.


Use jute bags, not plastic ones

Use public transport while travelling 
Not just in the city, but even while travelling to other places, use public transportation. In the city use metros, trams or buses or learn to carpool for longer distances. While travelling for a vacation, take some time off and enjoy a train ride. 

Use CNG-enabled vehicles
When driving, switching to CNG vehicles in place of petrol and/or diesel variants. This helps in lowering the carbon monoxide levels.

Recycle plastic 
Recycling plastic is the minimum which one could do. Plastic items bottles,bags should be recycled and not disposed of after immediate consumption. This helps reducing plastic litter and thus prevents land pollution. Try and use glass bottles or carry water bottles made of glass on your travels. 

Avoid printing tickets 
People are using their mobile phones for entry into film halls, airports, events and what not. Do not print tickets when you don’t have to. You can travel or go for an event with an electronic ticket. This helps save paper and thus is beneficial for the environment.

Bicycle away!
Opting to cycle instead of driving or riding is a good option as it saves energy consumption and is also pollution-free. Not only is it beneficial for the planet but its a great way to stay healthy.

Bicycling is a great way to stay fit!

Rent Hybrid cars
A hybrid car easily removes any possibility of pollution emitted through petrol and diesel vehicles. This is the best bet if you are looking for eco-friendly road trips. Do remember to locate car charging stations before you set out!

Team up with NGOs
NGOs like Clean Air Asia and Chintan India have taken measures to inform the masses about the consequences of pollution and also come up with ideas to curb the same. Volunteering for such NGOs helps in understanding methods to prevent pollution and also lets you work directly to save the environment.

Reduce wood usage while camping
While it is common for travellers to use wood for fireplace while camping, its usage reduction can help lowering the emission which harms the environment.

Buy organic produce 
Organic products are better for the environment as they reduce pollution, conserve water and use less energy. Eat clean and healthy to stay fit on the road. Either buy organic produce and take on your trips or buy fresh vegetables from farmers.

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