Spotted at the Ras-al-Jinz Turtle Reserve in Oman

For the wildlife lover in you, Oman has the perfect activity in store. This June-September, Oman is all set to welcome you and the turtles to track their extraordinary journey into the world!

OT Staff
June 12 , 2018
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Home to four different types of turtles: green, olive ridley, hawksbill and the loggerhead; Oman is all set to welcome the 'Turtle season' from June to September 2018 this year! Nesting in Ras al Jinz in Sur, a three-hour drive from Muscat city, these visitors can be closely observed nesting in the green turtle habitat in the Ras al Jinz Reserve in Oman. With a temperature that is ideal for turtle spotting, this is one of the few places where these grand reptiles are celebrated without any disturbance caused in their natural surroundings. The rate of growth in the number of visitors to Ras Al Jinz turtles reserve was 37 per cent in the past seven years, with the total number increasing from 30,002 visitors in 2010 to 41,244 visitors in 2017.

Best spotted in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, these turtles are protected in Oman because of its policies against the use of harmful artificial light like torches or mobile phones, which would disturb the natural environment of the turtles. The tours to spot the turtles are all guided, taking up to 25 people in a group by the seashore. To further the protection of the turtles, there are turtle rangers at the beach and all tourists/visitors are only allowed to walk towards the turtles once they have begun laying their eggs- 200-300 or more at a time. You are sure to witness the extraordinary with the sight of the mother turtle digging a pit to lay her eggs and then watch the eggs hatch, only to follow the path that the tiny baby turtles choose to take, running around the seashore. If you are intrigued by what you witness on the beach, the Museum of the Scientific Centre in Ras Al Jinz would also interest you because of its latest technology for information regarding turtles and their life cycle.


So don't miss out on this opportunity and come to bask in the glory of Oman and its celebration of turtles!

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Getting there

The nearest airport to Oman is the Muscat International Airport, which is 5 hrs 30 minutes away (approx) and there are multiple flights which fly to the Muscat International Airport. 

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