The new pizzeria on the block

The new pizzeria on the block
The three different green chilly, red chilly and soy oils along with the chicken-spinach vol au vent Photo Credit: Debjeet Kundu

The French-named café that serves Italian as its core menu - well, that's La Vie in Khan Market

Debjeet Kundu
July 09 , 2014
02 Min Read

An assorted pizza six feet in length – it’s a creation that would grab anyone’s attention. It grabbed ours, too, when told about how this special dish would make its appearance at La Vie, a new outlet in Khan Market. The frosted glass doors welcomed us on a drizzling evening, as the fire in the oven’s belly at the far end of La Vie prepped for an Italian spread. “A good evening?” I asked myself. The conclusion could be reserved for a later stage, but to start with, a lime-oregano-jalapeno punch in soda and Sprite was zingy enough to set the ball rolling.

 It took some time for the ‘long one’ to arrive – hence, we warmed up with a basil and tomato soup and salads. Those were nothing special but the chicken Caesar salad that followed was quite nice, the dressing not overdone as it often is at various restaurants. This one had a perfect mild flavour.  The bite-sized tomato bruschetta deserves a special mention – very fresh and deliciously crumbly. This little open-faced sandwich was much better than its more decorated partners, the rosemary garlic bread and chicken-spinach vol au vent, with the arrabiata dip.


By the time the very meaty spaghetti bolognese and spinach ravioli were laid out, I was wondering if there would be any space for the much anticipated pizza. I sipped on another jalapeno-oregano concoction, hoping it would be a quick digestif.

Then, it arrived. Served on tile-slabs to keep it hot, three different pizzas were rolled into one. The visual spectacle of a six-footer being carried on to the table was missing – it was decided later to segregate the veg and non-veg portions for convenience. Nonetheless, it did cover three tables lengthwise. The three varieties rolled out by Chef Naresh Kumar were: Venus Garden, topped with zucchini, mushroom and bell pepper; Chicken Casa, spiced with garlic, chicken, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and jalapeños; and BBQ Chicken, a classic.

This La Vie experience is best described with one of its very own specialities – the La Vie Da drink. Arguably the best thing that I sipped that evening, it was a paradox. The soda-beverage-oregano mix soothes you, while the jalapenos catch you off-guard with a flash of heat. The underrated bruschettas are a delight, but the pizzas lack the cheesy feeling one may want. You are disappointed that La Vie is yet to bake its own desserts, but the light salad leaves you with a good feeling. And then you wonder, “What if I come on a day when there isn’t any pressure to churn out something extraordinary to please the critics’ palates?” The answer was served in the form of an after-supper green tea. Exclusively packaged for La Vie, the jasmine ‘pouch’ was one of the best I’ve had – it was heavenly on a rain-drenched evening. I chuckled to myself, “C’est la vie. That’s life.” 

Where: 51A Khan Market, Middle Lane
Time: 11:30 am to 11pm
Cost for two: Rs 1500 (approx)

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