Sattviko, a place for pure foods

Sattviko, a place for pure foods

This quick service restaurant in Greater Kailash II, south Delhi, has a menu based on Ayurvedic principles

Sanchita Guha
September 18 , 2014
02 Min Read

That vegetarianism is big in India is not news. Hardly any restaurant, cafe or fast food chain can survive in this country unless they have at least a few ‘green dot’ items on their menu. Restaurants with exclusively vegetarian menus, however, are still few and far between. Rarer still are those that prepare their meals without garlic and onions, which are considered ‘non-veg’ by the hardcore shudh-shakahari crowd. 

Sattviko, a new arrival at GK II M Block market, a popular food hub in south Delhi, nails the onion-free-but-tasty-items menu. The aim here is not so much to corner the shudh-shakahari market as to provide ‘fusion’ dishes that are cooked according to Ayurvedic principles but also cater to the experimental modern palate. Knowing full well that bland, ascetic fare would not put warm bodies in its restaurant chairs, Sattviko has got around the dilemma by creating dishes that look tempting, taste interesting, and are full of flavour despite the lack of strong condiments.

The cheerful, bright colour scheme and streamlined decor gives Sattviko a very young feel. Many of its current crop of customers are students and young professionals looking for a good meal without busting the bank or without sacrificing the pleasure of taste.

We tried the sabudana poha (sweet, sour and spicy tapioca pearls mixed with nuts), a quick snack that was both filling and delicious enough for us to actively miss it when we left Sattviko. The Mexican spinach quesadillas (corn and spinach tortilla stuffed with bell peppers, tomatoes, coriander, red chilli and cumin) were tasty, tangy and filling enough to make a light lunch by themselves. The item named Best Burrito in Town (corn tortilla loaded with Mexican peppers, refried beans, and Sattviko’s signature salsa) would probably qualify as one of the best – at least in the fast casual restaurant category and at this price point – though we wouldn’t bet our life on the claim that it is the very best. All the food in Sattviko is lightly spiced, and it does not cause a heavy, bloated feeling so common to a fast food meal.  

To wash down all this, we had the mint lemonade, which we can honestly say was very, very good, with none of that plastic, industrial taste that usually distinguishes such ‘coolers’ everywhere.

If you need a mouth freshener after your meal, Sattviko has a very nice paan-flavoured raisin that leaves a tingling sensation.

Address: M-72 Greater Kailash II, New Delhi – 110048
Cost for two:
Rs 500 
011 41717171

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