Snorkelling and Diving in The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Snorkelling is a great way to experience the gorgeous underwater landscape around the Andaman & Nicobar Islands even if you are a non-swimmer

Heritage with High Tea

Amrapali Museum Pays Tribute to its Heritage

Weekend Breaks

Karnataka: Ancient Badami

Ancient caves and sandstone temples make Badami a heritage heaven

Bidar: City of Learning

Ahmedabad: India's First Heritage City

Photo Features

The picture perfect Italian town of Cortona

Renaissance art and architecture, amazing food and pleasing views of the surrounding hills make Cortona one of the most attractive places in Italy

New York Resized: A Photoessay by Jasper Léonard

A Cafe Trail in Landour

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The Jewels of Iran

While the whole world is anxious about the US-Iran nuke deal, here's reminding you what this beautiful country—once the epitome of civilisation—has to offer to the discerning traveller

Top 5 Himalayan Retreats

Summers are here so we curated another list of some of the best retreats in the Himalayas so you never run out of options

The Best of Himalayan Retreats

Summer is coming. So are hill holidays. Here are some of the best boutique hotels and homestays up in the mountains

Just Back

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Truckload Of Adventure

Join Voyages Overland, which makes no promises of marshmallows, but gives you an opportunity to go overlanding in India

Catch the Aurora Borealis in Finland This Year

This slightly bizarre, slightly fascinating accommodation offered by Off the Map Travel will make sure you see the aurora borealis from the best vantage points

The Revival of Pichvai Art

Pooja Singhal the founder of Pichvai: Tradition & Beyond, is on a mission to revive Pichvai art and her latest exhibition in Mumbai showcases 400 odd such works