The Holy Hill Top

There is much more to the queen of hill stations than clock towers, post offices, toy trains and tea. Welcome to the land of pious pleasure and holiness...on a height!

Visit the Treasure Trove of Islamic Art

Here Comes The Sun

Weekend Breaks

Falling In Love With Hampi's Past And Present

Exploring the beautiful Hampi complex, which is a Unesco heritage site, gives rise to a deeper thirst to explore more ancient ruins India offers travellers.

Karnataka: Ancient Badami

Bidar: City of Learning

Photo Features

A Gem in Isolation

The spectacular Auden’s Col trek offers you the rare chance to experience wilderness and climb in solitude

A Day with the Denizens of Kanha National Park

The picture perfect Italian town of Cortona

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5 Easy Day trips From Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, break away from the monotony of the city and take these day trips to the neighbouring islands and mainland China

India's Most Dangerous Roads

India is home to some of the most dangerous roads in the world that require the utmost focus, even from seasoned drivers who live and breathe the ways of the tarmac

Top 5 Wildlife Destinations in Kerala

With more than a dozen wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, Kerala is home to some of the most rare varieties of flora and fauna in the world

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Travel Updates

Exhibiting the evolution of Indian Textiles since 1947

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur presents an exhibition which traces an evolution of aesthetics in Indian handmade textiles from the country’s independence In 1947 till now from 20 June-30 July 2018!

A Summer Carnival like no other

Look forward to a summer of feasting, festivities and fun at Ocean Park, Hong Kong, with its 'summer carnimal'! Featuring an animal-themed grand parade and amazing shows every hour!

Let's play again!

The Balinese have always had a way of attracting tourists to its rich indigenous culture. There's so much more in store for children and adults who have grown up watching Cartoon Network with this theme park which opens before you even know it!