The Quiet Perches

Five gorgeous places in Madhya Pradesh to take a deep breath, clear the mind and enjoy some quiet contemplation

Under the Mandu Sky

Surrounded by monuments of love and conquest, Mandu’s glamps create the perfect ambience for contemplation and conversation.

Forest Essentials

PashooPakshee’s handcrafted souvenirs are an ode to Kanha and the communities that call it home

The Healing Herbs

Madhya Pradesh’s rich forests contain a wealth of medicinal herbs that heal and strengthen the human system

A Wild Refuge

Savour the joys of slow living and slow foods in the shadows of Kanha National Park

Practising Halma in Jhabua

A beautiful example of self-sustained community living
“The Earth is thristly, why are you still sleeping?
Bring your tools and let’s get to work.
We’ve got a dam to build, we’ve got trees to plant.”

Tent on the Tree

Camping allows one to enjoy the many shades of the forest – from dusk to dawn

Eating the Gond Way!

Made from freshly-foraged ingredients, the Gond thali at Kanha Earth Lodge is food for the soul

Eat, Brew, Love

Home-brewed mahua and masala-tossed garadu are the state’s unique offerings

Walk in the Wild

Satpura – the only National Park to offer a walking tour in the core forest cover

Call of the Wild

Sprinting past trees, hills, streams and sand, Forsyth Trail Run in Satpura is refreshing!