Bhopal gets its name from Bhojpal and is rich when it comes to showcasing indigenous art,
fossils and sculptures. The city has spectacular museums including State Museum, Tribal
Museum and Golghar Museum.

State Museum
Located on Shymala Hills, the State Museum houses the best of art and culture of Madhya
Pradesh. One can see state’s sculptural masterpieces, fossils, coins, stamps, autographs,
weapons, bagh paintings, excavated objects and articles associated with India’s freedom
struggle. The archaeological museum is spread across 17 different galleries. Don’t miss ‘The
Black Penny’, the first postage stamp of the world which was issued in 1840 with Queen
Victoria’s picture on it.
Tribal Museum
The Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum focuses on the tribal art form of Madhya Pradesh. The
museum has six different galleries; Cultural Diversity, Tribal Lifestyle, Tribal Aesthetic, Tribal
Spiritual World, Chhattisgarh Gallery and Exhibition Gallery. One can experience the lifestyle
of native tribes of the state, specifically Gond, Baiga, Bhil, Korku, Bharia, Kol and Saharia by
looking at size replicas of their dwellings in tribal lifestyle gallery. You can also buy tribal
jewellery, souvenirs and regional books at Chinhari, a local museum shop. The museum is
more of a subject of experience in itself.
Golghar Museum
Golghar was built in the era of Nawab Shah Jahan Begum of Bhopal. The round-shaped
building with a dome, which earlier housed the office of Shahjahan Begum was transformed
into a remarkable museum in the year 2013. The museum has a great collection of
handwritten letters, crockery, paintings, musical instruments and crafts used during the
Nawabi era. It was in this building that Shahjahan Begum imparted the art of nakkashi,
zardozi and batua-making to women.

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Abhinav Kakkar
The State Museum which was previously known as Edward Museum or Bhopal Museum shifted to a newly constructed building in 2005
Abhinav Kakkar
The State Museum houses a great collection of sculptures brought from various parts of the state
Abhinav Kakkar
Mithun sculpture from Khajuraho on display at the State Museum
Abhinav Kakkar
The Tribal Museum provides a great insight into tribal life, indigenous knowledge, their traditions and aesthetics.
Abhinav Kakkar
A giant sculpture on display at the Tribal Aesthetic Gallery
Abhinav Kakkar
All the exhibits and installations in the museum have been crafted by local artisans
The exhibition gallery at the museum showcases installations depicting children’s games like rakku, pithhu, gendi and ghar-ghar.
Abhinav Kakkar
The Golghar, a round building with a dome, has 12 doors and walls painted with flowers