Madhya Pradesh provides the best of jungle safari experience with its nine national parks and six tiger sanctuaries. It is also unique in terms that tourists have an option of experiencing boat safari in Satpura National Park and Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary.

The boat safari which generally lasts for about two hours and you can sit comfortably as you venture on
the sighting mission. While the jeep safari is exciting, boat safari nonetheless is an amazing way to
experience the forest. Just sit back in motorized boats and hone your birding skills. If you are lucky, you
may also see few marsh crocodiles sunning themselves or other animals coming to the edge of river
bank to drink water.
Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, spread across 823sqkm of the Vindhya Hills, is covered by Kolar Reservoir
and tourists can experience boat safari in the buffer zone of the sanctuary. You can enjoy views of local
fishermen using grid-nets to catch fish or see Salikhera Island with makeshift huts of tribal community.
Along the northern edge of Satpura National Park, you can enjoy the boat safari in Tawa Reservoir
through narrow water inlets of the Denwa River. You can access forest’s core area by boat and it
provides great sightings of animals sometimes hiding behind the lush forest. Satpura is also a birder’s
paradise with more than 440 species of birds. Don’t miss the picturesque landscapes of magnificent
Satpura hills while you are here.
The trips through water add immeasurably to the entire safari experience. It is recommended to try boat
safari for exclusive sighting of flora and fauna. It will be an unforgettable ride!

Abhinav Kakkar
The Kolar river is a right bank tributary of the Narmada River and flows for a total length of 101km
Abhinav Kakkar
Boat safari offers glimpses of community living around the forest
Abhinav Kakkar
Local fishermen returning home in the evening
Abhinav Kakkar
Spotted deer at the edge of Denwa River
Picturesque landscape of Satpura Hills from Tawa Reservoir
Abhinav Kakkar
Our rowman at the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary; boat safari supports the local community who are dependent on tourism for their livelihood
Abhinav Kakkar
Indian pond heron
Abhinav Kakkar
A group of cattle egret on top of a tree
Abhinav Kakkar
Red-naped Ibis; a boat safari is great for bird enthusiasts
Abhinav Kakkar
A view of the Kolar Reservoir at sunset