Bhopal – 50km/80 minutes – Sanchi – 15km/20 minutes – Vidisha – 62km/90
minutes – Bhopal (1N/2D)
Day 1: Sanchi-Vidisha
Arrive at Bhopal and leave right away for Sanchi to make the most of the day.
The stone domes on a hill, visible above the green cover, just before veering off
the highway and arriving at the ticket counter at Sanchi are sure to get your
attention. At the foot of the hill, the Sanchi Archaeological Museum houses a
repository of sculptures and excavated finds from the Mauryan and Gupta
periods. Head to the top of the hill, where a cluster of ancient Buddhist
monuments make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sanchi. In the 3 rd
century BC, Emperor Ashoka chose the hill as the location for a Buddhist
enclave. The Great Stupa is the main structure here, an architectural
masterpiece flanked by four ornate gateways with carvings depicting the life of
Gautama Buddha. Smaller stupas, remains of a 7 th -century temple, shrines, and
a monastery complex dot the complex. From the viewpoint near the souvenir
shop, catch a sweeping view of Vidisha, the birthplace of Ashoka’s wife, Devi.
After a quick lunch at the Madhya Pradesh Tourism-run Gateway Retreat,
proceed to the historic town of Vidisha for a look at the Heliodorus Pillar. On
the banks of the Bes River, the stone pillar, also known as Khamb Baba, was
named after the Greek ambassador, Heliodorus in the court of Taxila, who
erected it in honour of Lord Vishnu. The nearby District Museum holds a large
collection of sculptures and stone relief panels excavated from the river, some
even dating back to the 2 nd century BC.
Head back to Bhopal for dinner and enjoy a luxurious stay at the heritage Noor-
Us-Sabah Palace.
Day 2: Bhopal
After an indulgent breakfast buffet, spend the morning relaxing in the heritage
hotel before your departure. The historic former residence of the begums of
Bhopal features grand views of the Upper Lake as well as several historic
artefacts like weapons and art scattered through the hotel’s public spaces.
Timings: Sunrise to Sunset
Museum: 9am to 5pm; Closed on Fridays
Entry Fee: INR40 per person for the museum and stupas; INR20 per car.

Gateway Retreat, Sanchi
Address: Bhopal-Vidisha Highway, Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
Heliodorus Pillar, Vidisha
Timings: 8am to 5pm
Entry Fee: Free
Address: MP SH 19, Bais, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
District Museum, Vidisha
Timings: 10am to 5pm; Closed on Mondays
Entry Fee: INR10 per person
Address: HN 204, Block Colony, Durga Nagar, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
Noor-Us-Sabah Palace
Address: VIP Road, Koh-E-Fiza, Bhopal
Tel: 07554223333
Tariff: Double room starts at INR7,500/- inclusive of breakfast