Save While Traveling Abroad With These Hacks!

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1. Can you use debit cards abroad?

Yes,however avoid using debit cards for purchases abroad. Use them only for ATM withdrawals to minimize risk.


2. Should you travel with cash or with credit?

Carry both. Keep cash with you for emergencies and small purchases. Use credit cards for larger transactions to benefit from fraud protection and avoid rip-offs.


3. How to avoid foreign transaction fees?

Check your credit card policies for foreign transaction fees. Use cards that don’t charge these fees for international purchases.


4. How much cash should you carry?

Have at least $300 for solo travelers and $500 for families. Ensure you have enough cash to survive for 24-48 hours in case of emergency situations, such as losing your credit card.


5. How to get foreign currency?

You can order foreign currency from your bank before traveling. Use currency exchange kiosks as a last resort due to unfavorable rates. Withdraw local currency from ATMs at your destination for better exchange rates.


6. When is the best time to get foreign currency?

If the U.S. dollar is stronger than the local currency, exchange before traveling. For currencies like the British pound, it’s better to exchange upon arrival.


7. What are the best places for currency exchange?

Use ATMs in well-lit, secure areas like airports or city centers. Avoid risky areas even if the exchange rates seem better.


8. Can you withdraw cash from ATM while traveling abroad?

Be aware of potential fees from both foreign ATMs and your bank. Stick to ATMs within your bank’s Global ATM Alliance to avoid extra charges. Use apps like ATM Fee Saver to locate fee-free ATMs.


9. Should you withdraw cash on a credit card?

Yes, but avoid withdrawing cash using credit cards due to high fees. Always withdraw using a debit card.


10. Do you need to notify your bank of your international travel?

It’s often unnecessary to notify your credit card company as they use AI to track travel plans. However, checking your bank's policies can provide peace of mind.


11. Should you pay in local currency while traveling abroad?

Always choose to pay in the local currency when using your credit card. Avoid conversion offers to ensure you get the best exchange rate.


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