Memorial Day And The Meaning Behind It

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Memorial Day Significance

Memorial Day is a federal holiday dedicated to remembering and honouring military personnel who lost their lives defending the country.


Date For 2024

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May each year. This year, it falls on May 27.


Historical Roots

Originally called "Decoration Day," Memorial Day dates back to the 1860s, following the Civil War.


Why Is It Celebrated?

Initially focused on Civil War soldiers, Memorial Day's purpose expanded after World War I to honour American soldiers who died in all wars.


Change In The Holiday

Before 1971, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30 every year. It was moved to the last Monday in May to create a long weekend.


Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day

Memorial Day specifically honours military members who died in service. Veterans Day, on November 11, celebrates all who have served in the U.S. military, both living and deceased.


Respectful Remembrance

Instead of saying "Happy Memorial Day," the Wounded Warrior Project advises people to say, "Have a meaningful Memorial Day" to honour the solemn nature of the holiday.


Why It Matters

Beyond cookouts and parades, Memorial Day is a time for Americans to reflect on and honour the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers for the nation's freedom.


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