Interior Designers Reveal Top Living Room Design Trends In 2024

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LED Lights for electic vibes

The lighting in the room complements the mood. Whether it's mirrors, walls, ceilings, or stairs, people love LED lights, and this year will see more such love, according to experts.

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Keeping it natural with Earthy tones

This year earthy tones will be trending in living room decor. People are preferring living rooms with warm, textural space with natural materials and earthy hues like forest green, berry, rust, etc.

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Statement rugs

Uniquely shaped rugs, according to experts, are going to dominate the interiors this year. Rugs in different shapes like round, puzzle, animal, etc. make the room look more attractive and interesting.

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All time fav storage furniture

Space-saving multipurpose furniture has become a go-to for many people who want their spaces organized and elegant. An organized room with no visual clutter helps people keep their minds at peace. So, storage sofas, all-in-one table-chair sets, etc. are still going to be trending in 2024.

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Custom upholstery

With time, people are going for more sustainable options. Custom upholstery to personalize a living room without buying new furniture, like upscaling old pillows or a sofa to add some fun and color to the room, will be trending this year. 

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Brass accents

Brass accents are going to retain their popularity in 2024 as well. Experts say brass adds glam to living spaces and gives off a warm vibe. Knobs, light fixtures, cutlery, and more objects can be spotted with a brass finish this year.

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