How Pink Noise Is Changing The Way We Relax

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Colourful World Of Noise

Move over, white noise! Now, there's a rainbow of soothing sounds competing for attention. And one of them is pink noise.


What Is Pink Noise?

Pink noise is a soothing sound that turns down the high-pitched frequencies found in white noise, making it sound more like rain or ocean waves.


White Noise vs. Pink Noise

White noise, like static on a TV, contains equal volume across all frequencies. Pink noise lowers the volume on high frequencies, creating a more pleasant, deeper sound.


How It Helps

Pink noise is thought to enhance deep sleep by matching the slow brain waves that occur during this phase, potentially improving memory and relaxation.


Scientific Interest

Researchers at Northwestern University are exploring how pink noise pulses can boost brain function during sleep. Early studies show promising results for improving memory.


ADHD Benefits

Some studies suggest that pink noise might help people with ADHD by stimulating the brain without distracting it, aiding concentration.


Variety Of Colours

Pink noise is just one of the many "colour noises" out there. Others include brown noise, which sounds even deeper, and green noise, each offering unique benefits.


Easy To Access

You can find hours of pink noise on YouTube and meditation apps, often included in subscriptions that offer a palette of colour noises.


Safe And Soothing

While science is still exploring its full benefits, many find pink noise calming. Just keep the volume low to protect your hearing and enjoy the relaxing effects!


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