Famous Celebrities Who Proudly Identify As LGBTQ+

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1. Noah Shnapp 

Schnapp announced that he is gay in a TikTok video posted in January. He shared how he was scared to reveal this to his family and friends, but fortunately, it turned out fine.


2. Bella Ramsey

Bella considers herself 'nonbinary'. She says that her gender has always been very fluid. 


3. Elliot Page

This Academy Award nominee clarified his name and pronouns in a letter shared on X. Elliot, married to dancer Emma Portner, came out as gay in 2014 during a speech at Time to Thrive, an LGBTQ youth welfare conference in LA.


4. Lil Nas X

The rapper was scared of losing fans by coming out as gay. However, he was pushed by the universe. 


5. Halsey

Halsey has been known to support pro-LGBTQ organizations through donations and other contributions. This bisexual singer is famous for weaving her sexuality into her music. 


6. Rina Sawayama

Rina identifies herself as 'pansexual'. Being hailed as the future of queer pop, this pop star has always been an outspoken advocate for queer representation in music and has celebrated the community in her songs.


7. Laverne Cox

Cox is the most recognizable trans actor in trans history. She is also the first transgender woman to inspire her own Barbie doll. 


8. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen, a pioneer in the LGBTQ rights and visibility fight, publicly came out of the closet in 1997 when she was featured on the cover of the cover of Time magazine, "Yep, I'm Gay".


9. Demi Lovato

Lovato identifies as pansexual and uses the pronouns 'they/them'.  They came out as gender nonbinary in 2021 and have always been vocal about their fluid sexuality.


10. Sam Smith

Smith initially considered themselves gender fluid and "floated somewhere between male and female." It was only in 2014 that they came out publicly as gay and even acknowledged briefly dating actor and model Jonathan Zeizel.


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