All About Vivekananda Rock In Kanniyakumari, Where PM Is Meditating For 45 Hours

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Modi's Meditation At Vivekananda Rock

As India is just a day away from culminating voting for Lok Sabha elections 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sitting in meditation at the famed Vivekananda Rock of Tamil Nadu's Kanniyakumari


45-Hour Meditation

PM Modi is meditating at Vivekananda Rock since Thursday evening and till Friday, June 1, when the country will vote in the seventh and the concluding phase of the general polls.


Bhagavathi Amman Temple

PM Modi reached Kanniyakumar on Thursday and offered prayers at the Bhagavathi Amman temple before starting his meditation at the rock memorial


What Is Vivekananda Rock

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial of Kanniyakumari is a monument built in tribute to Swami Vivekananda, who meditated over the rocks inside the sea towards the end of 1892.


Goddess Kanniyakumari's 'Tapas'

The official website of the Kanyakumari district administration said, according to legend, it was on this rock that Goddess Kanniyakumari did Tapas (meditation)


Impact On Swami Vivekananda's Life

The rock, where the prime minister is meditating, had a major impact on Vivekananda's life and holds a similar significance in the monk's life as Sarnath for Gautam Buddha, BJP said


Vivekananda Meditated Here

It was here that Vivekananda arrived after wandering across the country, meditated for three days and had a vision for a developed India, BJP said


Kedarnath In 2019, Vivekananda Rock Now

While the PM chose Kedarnath cave to reflect and meditate following the end of campaign in 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he has now chosen a spiritually significant place in the southernmost tip in the mainland of country


Vivekananda's Divine Vision Of 'Bharat Mata'

PM Modi is meditating at the dhyan mandapam is the place where Swami Vivekananda is believed to have had a divine vision about 'Bharat Mata'


About 2,000 police personnel have been deployed in and around for PM Modi's visit in Kanniyakumari, which is on the international tourism map.

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