Pet Gala 2024: Dogs Dazzle In Met Gala-Inspired Couture

Outlook International Desk

What Is Pet Gala?

Designer Anthony Rubio hosted the annual Pet Gala, where dogs walked the red carpet in couture inspired by Met Gala celebrity outfits.


Fundraising Event

At $300 a ticket, proceeds from the Pet Gala benefit the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog.


Star-Studded Pawrty!

Dogs dressed as celebrities included a shih tzu as Chris Hemsworth, a Pomeranian as Jennifer Lopez, and a chihuahua in one of Zendaya's looks.


Garden of Time Theme

The gala's dress code was inspired by the Met’s “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” exhibit, with outfits reflecting the theme.


Museum Exhibit

The dogs’ couture outfits will be displayed at the Museum of the Dog throughout June.


Effortless Models

Rubio emphasised that dogs are easier to work with than people, as they do not complain and are not forced to wear anything they dislike.


Future Aspirations

Rubio expressed his desire for the Met Gala's Anna Wintour to consider a canine model in canine couture on the Met Gala red carpet.


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