Every Nature Lover Must Visit These Countries For A Perfect 'Green' Holiday

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Are you a nature lover and planning your summer holidays? Then these are some places that must be on your bucket list as these places will take you closer to nature.


1. Iceland

Visit Iceland for grand waterfalls and unique black-sand beaches. From spectacular northern lights and icy landscapes in winter to hot springs and hiking in the summers, this island country always has something to offer.


2. Switzerland

This small country boasts beautiful villages, lakes, flowers, and natural beauty in every way possible. This is a must-visit destination for all nature lovers.


3. Nepal

Nepal takes pride in being home to Mount Everest. Surrounded by mountains and wildlife, this place is the perfect destination for an adventurous trip.


4. Peru

Machu Picchu, Amazon rain forest, Andes Mountains, Pisco, Desert Oasis...do you need more reasons to visit Peru? This place is perfect if you are looking for a 'green' vacation.


5. Tanzania

Home to Big Five - elephant, lion, leopards, buffalo and rhinos, Tanzania is one of the best destinations for wildlife safari. Apart from wildlife, Tanzania also has a beautiful coastline, stunning islands, and the iconic eponymous volcano - Mount Kilimanjaro.


6. Costa Rica

The biodiversity of Costa Rica is very well-known among travelers. Visit to experience nature in the form of waterfalls, volcanoes, wildlife, and forests.


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