How Malavika Mohanan Has Become The Ultimate Queen Of Mirror Selfies

Prateek Sur

Boss Lady Attitude

Malavika Mohanan demonstrates her boss-lady mentality by sharing a mirror selfie in the elevator. In her all-black ensemble, holding a bag, she had all of our attention.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

A Golden Lady

Malavika Mohanan is a genuine golden woman, as seen in this mirror selfie in golden clothing. She looks lovely as she looks radiant like the sun.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Winning Hearts During Workout

Malavika Mohanan posted a photo of herself in her gym outfit. Her selfie shots brilliantly capture the spirit and glamor of casualness, which she easily conveys.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Keeping It Simple

Malavika Mohanan captures hearts with her beauty, displaying her charisma and grace in mirror selfies published on social media.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Beach Hotness

Malavika Mohanan captures your attention on social media when she recently published a photo of herself in the most stunning avatar ever. Her beach look seems fantastic and she is all ready to take a dip.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Purple Blossom

Malavika Mohanan grabs the hearts of followers and audiences by posting a mirror selfie on social media especially this one in purple from her on-set diary to the cosmetic room.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Slaying It

Malavika Mohannan absolutely slays every look, especially when she is sporting black, which goes on to illustrate why she is known as the queen of mirror selfies.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Exuding Inner Charm

Malavika Mohanan emanates inner-built charm in a royally printed jacket with denim hotpants. This pic flaunting her fascinating beauty that has gone viral on social media.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

Stunning In Workout

Malavika Mohanan gained attention with her stunning images in the exercise attire, where she emanates hotness.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram


Malavika Mohanan attracts the attention of spectators with her effortless charisma and outstanding sense of style, making an indelible impression on the audience, even when she is not trying too hard.

Malavika Mohanan Instagram

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