What’s It Like Inside Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft Carrying Sunita Williams

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Sunita Williams Reaches Space Station

Sunita Williams and her colleague Astronaut Barry Eugene "Butch" Wilmore reached the ISS on board the new Boeing Starliner spacecraft on June 6, 2024


Boeing Starliner At ISS

Starliner docked with the space station Friday at 1:34 pm EDT (around 11 pm IST), 26 hours after the capsule launched on its first-ever crewed flight


Boeing Starliner Crew

The nine-person crew includes commander Butch Wilmore and pilot Suni Williams, who are carrying out numerous flight objectives following arrival of Starliner to the space station on June 6


Tour Of Boeing Starliner

In a video posted on X by ISS, Williams gave a sneakpeak into how the Boeing Starliner looks from inside.


Williams Takes Us Inside Starliner

Sunita Williams, who was being shot by her colleague Wilmore, passed down the Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA), which links spacecraft like Starliner to the ISS, moving to the docking adapter and finally into Starliner


Starliner's Control Panel

Sunita Williams also shows the controls that are used to manually fly Starliner during a series of pre-docking tests


Vacuum Cleaning Day

Further into the Starliner tour, Wilmore says that because it was Saturday, the ISS crew had the vacuum cleaner out cleaning


'Superbug' On ISS Sparks Worry

Meanwhile, scientists have reportedly found a multi-drug resistant bacteria named 'Enterobacter bugandensis' which has evolved and become more potent in the closed environment of the ISS


What Are Superbugs

Spacebugs are not extra-terrestrial life but bugs that managed to go undetected and travel hidden as co-passengers when they went to work at the ISS


NASA On 'Superbugs'

Closed human-built environments, such as the space station, are unique areas that provide an extreme environment subject to microgravity, radiation, and elevated carbon dioxide levels, NASA said