Sherpa Kami Rita Returns To Hero's Welcome In Nepal

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Kamita Rita Arrives To A Hero's Welcome

Kami Rita is a Sherpa who recently scaled Mount Everest for the 30th time. The veteran Sherpa received a hero's welcome in Nepal.

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Kamita Rita's Fondness For Mountain Climbing

At the tender age of 24, Rita climbed the summit scale for the first time. This started a journey for Rita in his career as mountaineer.

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Born In Thame Village

Rita was born in Thame village, Solukhumbu District in Nepal which is famous for producing excellent climbers especially Sherpas.

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Career Took Off In 1992

Rita began as a staffer but his mountaineering career took off in 1992 that gave him more time to learn about it.

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Will Continue To Climb Again Next Year

“I will continue climbing and will be back again next year and for at least one or two more years,” Kami Rita was quoted in the local media.

Kami Rita's Other Scaling Feats

Besides Everest, he has climbed K2, Manaslu, Cho Oyu and Lhoste.

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Future Plans

Rita plans to become a leader of a team at the Everest Base Camp.

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