Indian Entrepreneurs Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 In Asia List | Take A Look

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Kasra Zunnaiyyer

He is the cofounder and CTO of Karachi-based Trukkr, which has developed a management platform for Pakistan's logistics sector. Established in 2020, the startup's software allows users to obtain financing, track their fleets and connect with customers.

Kunal Aggarwal

He is the founder of Credflow which develops cashflow management software. The product helps small and medium-sized enterprises analyze business data and send out automated payment reminders

Mukul Anand

He is the founder of Bengaluru-based which uses AI technologies to create personalized customer promotion campaigns. Its offerings include data analytics and tailored discounts based on consumer preferences

Gaurav Piyush, Mayank Varshney and Yash Sharma

They cofounded logistics startup Blitz in 2020. Formerly known as Grow Simplee, the Gurugram-based company provides same- or next-day delivery services by tapping into a network of warehouses and fulfillment centers

Archit Chauhan, Shaifali Jain and Sunny Garg

They co-founded Crib which has developed a Saas-based platform for landlords to list, manage and collect payments from their apartments. The property tech firm's app also connects landlords with potential tenants

Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak

They are the cofounders of - a startup that last year won $2.3 million in funding from investors including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Aditi Sinha and Rishabh Jain

They cofounded workflow management firm in 2019. The company's software integrates data from platforms such as Salesforce and Google Sheets

Harshit Mittal

He is the co-founder and CTO of Supplynote, which develops management software for India's restaurant industry. The software helped to distribute packaging materials to restaurants. The platform now also lets users manage online orders and track inventories

Esha Manideep Dinne and Varun Vummadi

They cofounded India's GigaML that seeks to help companies deploy large language models. It has developed a platform where enterprises can upload processed datasets and use them to fine tune existing models such as Meta's Llama2 for specific uses

Ankit Bansal, Ishan Rakshit and Priy Ranjan

Their Bengaluru-based 'Shopflo' develops checkout software for India's smaller e-commerce brands. Its product has features such as customised user interface, password-free login and tailored promotional campaigns

Smarthveer Sidana

He is the founder of Singapore-based human resources startup HireQuotient. The company has developed software that uses AI to filter candidates based on their experiences and skill sets