Top 5 Countries With Best Work-Life Balance

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New Zealand

New Zealand tops the list of countries with best work-life balance. New Zealand has a relaxed approach to work, with 26 paid weeks of maternity leave, 32 days of statutory annual leave and a minimum 80% statutory sick pay percentage, and a relatively high minimum wage.

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Spain stands second with 26 days of statutory annual leave. Workers in Spain devote the most hours of their day to leisure and personal care as they don't 'live to work' but 'work to live'.

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In Denmark, people normally shut their computers by 4 PM and they believe 4 PM to 8 PM is a very important time when they spend time with their families. Denmark gives utmost importance to family time and self care and so got the third position in the list.

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France, being fourth on the list, has 16.2 hours per day for personal and leisure time. Locals prioritize non-work time, with French culture promoting relaxation and rest.

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