Baltimore Bridge Collapse: What Happened On March 26?

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Baltimore bridge collapse

A substantial section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, US, collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday, reportedly due to a collision with a sizeable container ship.

Ship "Dali" hit Francis Scott Key Bridge |AP

Destruction after collision

The incident took place around 1:30 am when the vessel appeared to have hit one of the supports of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the roadway to break apart in several places.

Francis Scott Key Bridge | AP

Ship lost power twice

The container ship lost power twice before colliding with the major bridge in Baltimore, Maryland.

Scene just before collision | X

Ship released smoke

After losing power, the ship emitted smoke and altered its course before colliding with the bridge.

Scene during collision | X

Closer view

The collision resulted in significant damage, with parts of the collapsed section submerged underwater, while a smaller portion rests on top of the container ship.

Closer view |AP

No reports of injury

Synergy Marine Group, which was overseeing the ship's management, confirmed that all crew members and the two pilots aboard were safely located, with no reports of injuries.

Francis Scott Key Bridge | AP

President Biden's reacts to the incident

President Joe Biden said that he would visit Baltimore "as quickly he can". He praised local officials for their prompt handling of the situation. He also extended special recognition to the crew of the ship, all of whom were Indians.

President Joe Biden | X

About the bridge

Francis Scott Key Bridge, opened in 1977, extends across the Patapsco River, a crucial waterway serving as a central route for shipping activities on the East Coast, alongside the bustling Port of Baltimore. It bears the name of the author of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Satellite image of Francis Scott Key Bridge | AP