Meet Kim Jong Un, The 'Supreme Leader' Of N Korea Who Has Absolute Control Over Lives Of 25 Million People

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Kim Jong Un is a North Korean dictator who has been considered the 'supreme leader' of North Korea since 2011 | AP
Kim Jong Un also is the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea since 2012 | AP
On paper, North Korea's 'Supreme Leader' has absolute control over the lives of the 25 million people living in his isolated state | AP
Kim's half-brother was poisoned with a VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in 2017. It is speculated that it was plotted by the North Korean government | AP
Kim Jong Un's 10-year-old daughter is seen as his likely heir apparent. State media calls Kim Ju Ae father's “most beloved” or “respected” child | AP
There is a stark difference between how North Korea and South Korea are governed. While North's economy is isolated, closed and tightly controlled, South Korea's economy is one of the world's most advanced and productive economies | AP
North Korea, with one of the world’s largest conventional military forces, has raised concerns worldwide through its frequent missile and nuclear tests and aggressive rhetoric | AP
Despite being among the poorest countries in the world, North Korea spends nearly a quarter of its gross domestic product (GDP) on its military, as per reports | AP