Istanbul: Fire Erupts In Nightclub Killing 29

Outlook Web Desk

A fire engulfed a popular Istanbul nightclub on Tuesday during renovations, trapping workers and employees inside and killing at least 29 people. Khalil Hamra/AP
The Masquerade nightclub, which was closed for renovations, was located on the ground and basement floors of a 16-story residential building in the Besiktas district on the European side of the city bisected by the Bosphorus Strait. AP
Several firefighting and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. AP
Police sealed off the area while power and natural gas to the neighbourhood was cut off as a safety precaution.
Authorities detained five people for questioning, including managers of the club and one person in charge of the renovations. AP
Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu reportedly informed that the nightclub had not obtained the necessary permit to undertake construction and renovations.
The government appointed three prosecutors and several investigators to probe the case.