Israel-Palestine War: Cyprus Releases Second Round Of Aid As Hunger Crisis Deepens In Gaza

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According to the World Central Kitchen, the vessels are carrying ready-to-eat items like rice, pasta, flour, legumes, canned vegetables and proteins that are enough to prepare over 1 million meals | AP
Earlier this month, an Open Arms ship inaugurated the direct sea route to the Palestinian territory. As per reports, the ship was carrying around 200 tonnes of food, water and other aid | AP
The United Nations previously had warned about the occurrence of a famine in the devastated and largely isolated northern Gaza. The top UN court also ordered Israel to open more land crossings as deliveries by sea and air were not adequate for Gaza | AP
On October 7 last year, the war between Israel and Gaza began after Hamas-led militants stormed across southern Israel killing 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking about 250 others hostage | AP
Israel's retaliatory airstrikes and ground offensive have left 32,705 Palestinians dead. Israel said over one-third of the dead are militants. However, no evidence has ever been provided by them to substantiate their claim | Ismael Abu Dayyah