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The Best White Shoes For Men in India (2024)

A man's wardrobe is incomplete without the timeless allure of white shoes. Versatile and effortlessly chic, they seamlessly complement any attire, embodying classic sophistication. Delve into our curated selection showcasing the finest white shoes for men from renowned brands, epitomizing style and comfort.

The Best White Shoes For Men in India (2024)

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Nike Men's Court Vision Low Running Shoe stands out as the top choice with its classic '80s basketball-inspired design, featuring a synthetic upper, lace-up closure, and a flat heel, offering a blend of style and performance suitable for various activities.

  • Best Budget: adidas Men's Vs Pace 2.0 Sneaker emerges as the best budget option, boasting a minimalist skate-inspired design with a synthetic nubuck upper, lace closure, and a rubber outsole, providing durability and style at an affordable price point.

Men take their shoes seriously, some might even say obsessively so, and with good reason. A well-curated shoe collection is not just a luxury but a necessity for the modern man. 

And what staple item finds a permanent place in almost every gentleman's closet? The humble yet indispensable white sneakers. It's a sartorial truth universally acknowledged that a pair of white kicks effortlessly elevates any ensemble. 

They can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe. For a casual look, pair them with denim shorts and a graphic tee. For a more polished outfit, team them with tailored trousers and a crisp white shirt. White sneakers also look great with athleisure wear, such as joggers and a hoodie. No matter how you style them, white shoes are a must-have for every man.

To help you find the perfect pair, we've curated a list of the best white shoes for men from top brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas, and more. 

Be it if you prioritise style, comfort, or performance, our selection caters to every discerning taste and preference. So, dive in, explore, and discover the perfect pair that'll effortlessly complement your personal style and keep you stepping out in confidence, no matter the occasion.

Things to contemplate when looking to shop for a pair of white Men's shoes 

  1.  Style: Consider the style of shoe that best suits your needs and personal style. Whether you're looking for sneakers, dress shoes, loafers, boots, or another style, make sure it complements your wardrobe and the occasions you'll be wearing them for.

  2. Fit and Comfort: Proper fit is crucial for comfort and overall foot health. Ensure the shoes are the right size and width for your feet. If possible, try them on and walk around to see how they feel before making a purchase.

  3. Material: The material of the shoes affects their durability, comfort, and overall look. Leather is a popular choice for dress shoes and boots, while canvas and mesh are common for sneakers and casual shoes. Consider the material based on your preferences and intended use.

  4. Quality: Look for well-constructed shoes from reputable brands known for their quality craftsmanship. High-quality shoes are more durable and tend to be more comfortable than cheaper alternatives.

  5. Occasion: Consider the occasions you'll be wearing the shoes for. If you need them for formal events, opt for dress shoes. For casual wear, sneakers or loafers may be more suitable. Choose a style that fits the occasions you'll be attending.

  6. Maintenance: White shoes can be more prone to dirt and stains, so consider how easy they are to clean and maintain. Some materials are easier to clean than others, so choose accordingly based on your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

How we picked them for you 

  • Performance Evaluation: We thoroughly assessed each shoe's performance based on factors like comfort, support, and traction to ensure they meet your functional needs.

  • Durability Assessment: We considered the durability of the materials used, construction quality, and overall longevity to ensure your shoes stand the test of time.

  • User Feedback Analysis: We examined user reviews and feedback from customers who have already purchased and worn these shoes, taking into account their experiences and satisfaction levels.

  • Brand Credibility: We prioritised shoes from reputable brands known for their quality craftsmanship, reliable performance, and positive reputation in the footwear industry.

  • Innovation and Technology: We looked for shoes that incorporate innovative features and technology to enhance performance, comfort, and overall user experience, ensuring you get the best possible footwear options available.

  • Price Consideration: While quality is important, we also considered the price range of each shoe to ensure they offer good value for your investment, balancing affordability with performance and durability.

Below is a list of best white shoes for men in India

  1. Nike Mens Court Vision Lo NnRunning Shoe


The Nike Court Vision Low running shoe offers a timeless '80s basketball style revamped for today's fast-paced culture. Crafted with over 20% recycled materials, its sleek design features a crisp upper with stitched overlays, delivering both classic appeal and sustainability. The plush, low-cut collar ensures comfort for all-day wear. With a lace-up closure and synthetic outer material, these low-top sneakers provide a secure fit and durability. 

Designed in Vietnam, they are not water-resistant but offer style and functionality suitable for various activities. The responsible design prioritises recycled materials, contributing to environmental sustainability without compromising performance or style. Available in white, these shoes fit large, so it's recommended to order half a size down for the perfect fit.


  • Price: 3,749 (MRP 4,995 25% Off)

  • Brand: Nike

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: No Heel

  • Water Resistance: Not Resistant

  • Style: Low Top

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Country of Origin: Vietnam

Pros Cons
Classic design and style Not water-resistant
Plush and comfortable feel May require break-in period
Secure lace-up closure
Durable outer material
Premium quality

User’s Testimonial: "OG sneakers from nike. A big thumbs up to amazon.. The packaging was proper with a brand new nike box and brand new white shoes inside. The quality of the shoes is 100% original. Love it. "

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its versatility, performance, and recognized quality as an Amazon Choice product with 4-star ratings.


The Puma Atlas walking shoe combines style and performance for your aerobic workout sessions. With a durable textile mesh upper and lace-up closure, it offers a comfortable fit for regular wear. The rubber sole ensures traction and stability on various surfaces, enhancing your performance during workouts. 

Made in India, these shoes provide reliable support for your feet. As a leading sports brand, Puma prioritises innovative designs for athletes worldwide, offering performance-driven products across categories like running, training, and fitness. The black colorway adds versatility to your athletic wardrobe, allowing you to pair them effortlessly with activewear for optimal comfort and style.


  • Price: 2,248 (MRP 4,499 50% Off)

  • Brand: Puma

  • Material: Mesh

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Water Resistance: Not Resistant

  • Sole Material: Rubber

  • Colour: White

  • Country of Origin: India

Pros Cons
Durable textile mesh upper May require regular cleaning
Provides traction and stability Not suitable for extreme sports
Offers support for feet
Comfortable fit for workouts
Reliable performance and quality

User’s Testimonial: "This is the most comfortable sports shoes i have used in my life . Although it is expensive, the quality is really good. I use it in the gym regularly and it is very effective, lightweight but strong . And it also looks good with Jeans."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its durability and comfort, as evidenced by 50% of Amazon reviewers awarding it 5 stars out of over 1300+ reviews.


The adidas Vs Pace 2.0 sneaker is a minimalist, skate-inspired shoe crafted with synthetic and faux leather materials. Featuring a lace-up closure and flat heel, it offers a comfortable and secure fit for various activities. Made in Vietnam, these shoes boast a rubber sole for traction and durability. 

The nubuck upper and vulcanised-look midsole stay true to their skateboarding heritage, providing both style and functionality. Additionally, these sneakers incorporate recycled materials, with at least 50% recycled content, contributing to sustainability efforts. Perfect for showcasing new tricks on the ramp or relaxing with friends, these adidas sneakers deliver performance and style while supporting eco-friendly initiatives.


  • Price: 3,499 (MRP 4,999 30% Off)

  • Brand: adidas 

  • Material: Synthetic, Faux Leather

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat

  • Water Resistance: Not Water Resistant

  • Sole Material: Rubber

  • Style: VS PACE 2.0

Pros Cons
Durable construction Flat heel may lack arch support
Good traction on various surfaces May lack breathability
Supports skateboarding heritage
Comfortable for daily wear
Lightweight and stylish design

User’s Testimonial: "I prefer adidas to other brands. Excellent buy! Good shoe uppers. Black suede leather. I liked the styling and build quality. That said, due to the suede leather upper , the shoe will require frequent cleaning to keep it clean and looking good ! Keeping it clean is a personal preference!"

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.1-star rating on Amazon, they are highly rated by users for their reliable performance and value.


Red Tape Casual Sneaker Shoes for Men offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Crafted from durable polyurethane, these sneakers feature a lace-up closure and a flat heel design. The TPR+TPU sole ensures excellent slip resistance and traction on various surfaces. The soft cushioned insole provides dynamic feet support, arch support, and shock absorption, making them ideal for all-day wear. 

The round toe shape and breathable PU upper keep your feet cool and comfortable. These sneakers are designed to minimize fatigue with their flexible arch support and memory foam insole, providing excellent pressure relief. Easy to maintain and durable, they are perfect for casual outings and daily activities. Made in Bangladesh, they offer both performance and a stylish look for the modern man.


  • Price: 1.769 (MRP 5,899 70% Off)

  • Brand: Red Tape

  • Material Type: Polyurethane

  • Closure Type: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat

  • Sole Material: TPR+TPU

  • Style: Sneakers

  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Pros Cons
Comfortable for all-day wear May not suit wide feet
Excellent slip resistance Not water-resistant
Durable build quality
Provides good arch support
Breathable upper material

User’s Testimonial: "For the price I would say red tape is offering the best sneakers in this segment in terms of quality and design. These shoes are quite heavy but I think they have real good and sturdy build quality that's why they are quite heavy. But overall definitely one of the best sneakers for the price in the market."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its durability and comfort, as evidenced by 50% of Amazon reviewers awarding it 5 stars out of over 1300+ reviews.


Neeman's Casual Pop Sneakers for Men provide comfort and style for everyday wear. Featuring a lace-up closure and flat heel, these sneakers are crafted from durable polyurethane (PU) with a water-resistant finish. The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole provides lightweight and breathable support, ensuring all-day comfort. 

Designed for creative individuals, these sneakers offer a minimalist yet stylish look that complements various activities, from writing in a cafe to photographing on the streets. The round toe and sustainable materials make them an ideal choice for casual occasions. Made in India, these sneakers are easy to maintain by simply wiping them with a clean cloth to remove dust. Perfect for those seeking a reliable and stylish footwear option for their daily explorations.


  • Price: 1,999 (MRP 3,699 46% Off)

  • Closure Type: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat

  • Water Resistance: Water Resistant

  • Sole Material: EVA

  • Outer Material: PU

  • Toe Type: Round Toe

Pros Cons
Lightweight and breathable design Limited arch support
Easy to clean and maintain Not suitable for formal occasions
Durable for long-term use
Stylish and versatile look
Lightweight and breathable design

User’s Testimonial: "The shoes are really comfortable and the attention to details is just amazing! Laces are a bit longer than expected but it's okay, can be managed. Trying Neeman's shoe for the first time! Seems good for now! Also the package was amazing, we got a shoe carry pouch/bag as well! A good add on! "

Why it's worth buying: With 81% of customers giving them 5-star ratings on Amazon, they are highly recommended for their quality and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I keep white shoes clean?

  • Regularly wipe your white shoes with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and use a mild soap solution for deeper cleaning. Additionally, consider using a white shoe cleaner or a magic eraser for tough stains.

How do I keep white shoes clean?

  • Regularly wipe your white shoes with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and use a mild soap solution for deeper cleaning. Additionally, consider using a white shoe cleaner or a magic eraser for tough stains.

What types of white shoes are best for everyday wear?

  • For everyday wear, white sneakers or casual loafers are excellent choices due to their comfort and versatility. These styles are designed for durability and can handle the wear and tear of daily activities.

How long do white shoes typically last?

  • The lifespan of white shoes depends on factors like the quality of materials, frequency of wear, and maintenance. With proper care, including regular cleaning and storage, white shoes can last for several seasons.

Are white shoes suitable for sports or athletic activities?

  • While white sneakers are popular for casual wear, they may not always be the best choice for sports or athletic activities. Look for specialised athletic shoes designed for your specific sport to ensure proper support and performance.

In Conclusion

White shoes for men are a versatile and timeless addition to any wardrobe, offering a classic and stylish look that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Our list of recommendations offers a selection of high-quality white shoes from reputable brands, ensuring both style and durability. With features like comfort, support, and performance, these shoes are designed to meet the needs of modern men who value both fashion and function. Invest in a pair of white shoes from our recommendations and enhance your style game while enjoying sophistication they bring to your ensemble.

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