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The 7 Best Water Flossers For 2024 | Experts Reviewed

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is crucial. Here are our top recommendations for the best water flossers, designed to enhance your dental care routine and ensure a healthy, radiant smile.

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Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: The Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser stands out as the best water flosser with its 10 pressure settings, 90 seconds of water capacity, and compact, portable design, making it ideal for thorough and convenient oral care.

  • Best with long battery life: The Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000 excels with its powerful pulse wave technology, offering two flossing modes, 10 intensities, and a whisper-quiet design, ensuring a thorough clean with customizable comfort and efficiency.

  • Best for travel: The AquaSonic Water Flosser is perfect for travelers with its compact size, 300ml water tank, and powerful battery life, providing portable oral hygiene without compromising effectiveness.

  • Best Budget: The Oralfree Water Dental Flosser Cordless for Teeth Cleaning offers four flossing modes, IPX7 waterproofing, and a powerful battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, providing cost-effective oral care with enhanced convenience.

A water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, is a device designed to clean between your teeth and along the gumline using a stream of pressurised water. The best water flosser should offer adjustable pressure settings, be easy to use, and have a variety of tips to suit different dental needs. 

If you have gingivitis, wear braces or aligners, or struggle with traditional floss due to fine motor issues, a water flosser can prove to be a really handy device. It effectively reaches areas that regular floss might miss, ensuring a thorough clean. The best water flosser can help maintain your dental hygiene routine, making it easier to avoid cavities and other dental issues.

We’ve done extensive research to bring you the best options on the market. Whether you’re looking for the best cordless water flosser, the best portable water flosser, or the best travel water flosser, we’ve got you covered. 

Our recommendations are based on performance, ease of use, and user reviews, ensuring you find the perfect device for your dental care needs. Dive into our top picks below to discover the best water flosser for you!

What should you consider before making a purchase for a water flosser 

  • Type: Decide between countertop or cordless models based on your preference for portability versus convenience.

  • Water Pressure Settings: Look for adjustable pressure settings to customize your flossing experience, especially if you have sensitive gums or dental work.

  • Tank Capacity: Check the reservoir size to determine how often you’ll need to refill it during use, especially for countertop models.

  • Tip Options: Ensure the flosser comes with interchangeable tips suitable for your dental needs, such as orthodontic tips for braces or periodontal tips for gum health.

  • Ease of Use: Consider ergonomics and ease of handling, especially if you have dexterity issues or will be sharing the flosser with others.

  • Battery Life (if applicable): For cordless models, check the battery life and charging time to ensure it meets your usage requirements.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Evaluate how easy it is to clean the device and replace tips or filters over time to maintain hygiene and functionality.

  • Water Usage: Assess how much water the flosser uses per minute to gauge efficiency and environmental impact.

How we selected them for you 

  • Performance Evaluation: We evaluated each flosser for its effectiveness in removing plaque and improving gum health, considering factors like water pressure, nozzle performance, and overall cleaning ability.

  • Detailed Comparisons: We conducted thorough comparisons, weighing the pros and cons of each product to highlight unique features, such as water tank capacity, number of pressure settings, and additional functionalities.

  • Durability Assessment: Our selection process included assessing the build quality and durability of each flosser to ensure long-term reliability.

  • Brand Reliability: We prioritised brands known for their commitment to dental health and quality manufacturing standards, ensuring you receive a reliable product backed by reputable customer service.

  • User Feedback Analysis: Reviews and feedback from real users played a crucial role. We considered customer experiences to gauge satisfaction levels, ease of use, and overall performance in real-world scenarios.

  • Value for Money: Each recommended flosser offers exceptional value for money, balancing price with features and durability to provide you with the best investment for your dental care.

Here’s the list of best water flosser to help you maintain optimal oral hygiene 

  1. AquaSonic Water Flosser

AquaSonic Water Flosser
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The AquaSonic Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser is a dentist-recommended solution for superior oral hygiene. Clinically proven to be 5 times more effective than traditional flossing, this portable oral irrigator removes plaque and boosts gum health with its powerful lithium ion battery. Featuring 3 modes and 5 jet tips, including specialised options for braces and deep pockets, it massages gums, enhances circulation, and includes a tongue scraper for comprehensive cleaning. With a lightweight, waterproof design and long-lasting charge, it's perfect for home use or travel, ensuring a thorough clean with minimal effort and time.


  • Price: $39.95

  • Brand: AquaSonic

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Special Feature: Cordless, Rechargeable

  • Jet Tips: 5

  • Modes: 3

  • Design: Waterproof

  • Voltage: Dual (110V & 220V)



Portable and travel-friendly

May require refilling water tank frequently

Quick charging and long-lasting battery

May not fully charge 

Suitable for braces and deep pockets

Effective plaque removal

User’s Reviews: "My son recently got braces. He is not the best at keeping them clean. My dental hygienist recommended getting him this. So far he’s very happy with it. There’s a special attachment for braces that works well. It’s a little loud, but not crazy. It has enough power to clean all the things he eats that is forbidden from his metal mouth. Comes with a nice travel bag.” 

Why it's worth buying: With a stellar 4.4-star rating from over 12,000 reviewers on Amazon and over 5,000 purchases last month alone, this AquaSonic Water Flosser is highly recommended for its effective gentle gum care.

Waterpik Cordless Pulse Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The Waterpik Cordless Pulse Water Flosser is  an ADA-accepted choice for effective oral care on the go. Designed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it features two pressure settings and includes two classic jet tips for everyday use. Its ergonomic, non-slip grip ensures ease of handling, while the waterproof design allows for use in the shower. Clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque, this flosser supports gum health and is ideal for travel with its compact size and long-lasting charge. Backed by a 2-year warranty, it offers reliable performance endorsed by 9 out of 10 dental professionals.


  • Price: $49.99 

  • Brand: Waterpik 

  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

  • Pressure Settings: Two

  • Tips Included: Two Classic Jet

  • Reservoir Capacity: 6 ounces

  • Battery Life: Up to 4 weeks

  • Warranty: 2 years



Portable and waterproof for shower use

Charging adapter not included

Ergonomic non-slip grip design 

Has residual water left in it

Easy-to-fill reservoir dishwasher safe

Works quietly and efficiently 

Battery runs for a long period of time 

User’s Reviews: "I use the larger waterpik flosser on a daily basis at home. This was purchased for travel. It was light, compact for packing, held its charge for the entire 2 weeks that I was away, & did the job well. It has as much power & cleaning ability as the larger Waterpik flosser.” 

Why it's worth buying: It earns its place as an Amazon Choice product with a significant 8,000+ purchases last month, reflecting its widespread popularity and reliability.

MySmile Powerful Cordless 350ML Water Dental Flosser
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The MySmile Cordless Water Dental Flosser is highly powerful oral irrigator designed for effective home and travel use. With 5 pressure modes and 8 replaceable jet tips, it offers customizable cleaning options to remove plaque and improve gum health. The OLED display provides real-time feedback on mode selection, water temperature, and battery life for a convenient user experience. IPX7 waterproofing ensures safety during shower use, while its 350ml water tank provides ample capacity for continuous flossing sessions. Ideal for braces and dental implants, it's equipped with a strong pump for thorough cleaning and fresh breath maintenance.


  • Price: $47.59

  • Brand: MySmile

  • Water Pressure: 50-150 PSI

  • Cleaning Modes: 5

  • Water Tank Capacity: 350ml

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion

  • Display: OLED



High water pressure for effective cleaning

Strong water pressure may cause sensitivity

User friendly design makes it easy to use

Initial setup may require adjustment

Large water tank reduces refill frequency

Powerful plaque removal and gum care

Versatile cleaning modes

User’s Reviews: "I use the larger waterpik flosser on a daily basis at home. This was purchased for travel. It was light, compact for packing, held its charge for the entire 2 weeks that I was away, & did the job well. It has as much power & cleaning ability as the larger Waterpik flosser.” 

Why it's worth buying: It earns its place as an Amazon Choice product with a significant 8,000+ purchases last month, reflecting its widespread popularity and reliability.

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000, designed for effortless and effective oral care. With Quad Stream technology and Pulse Wave guidance, it delivers up to 180% more effective cleaning than traditional flossing methods. This power flosser offers two modes and ten intensity settings to cater to individual cleaning preferences. Its whisper quiet operation ensures a discreet experience, while the magnetic docking station provides convenient storage and auto shut-off. Ideal for enhancing gum health, it features easy-to-use nozzles for thorough cleaning between teeth and along the gum line, making it a reliable choice for your oral hygiene routine.


  • Price: $99.66

  • Brand: Philips 

  • Power Source: Corded Electric

  • Water Streams: Quad Stream

  • Modes: 2 flossing

  • Nozzle Types: Standard, Quad Stream

  • Reservoir Capacity: 550ml

  • Operation: Whisper Quiet



Effective quad stream technology

Larger size may not be travel-friendly

Whisper quiet operation

Requires power outlet

Adjustable modes and intensities

Magnetic docking with auto shut-off

Easy-to-use nozzle system

User’s Reviews: "My dentist originally wanted to sell me the same system to keep healthy gums as a part of my regimen. It was a little more expensive, but I have been using this product for over a year and a half and my check ups, and cleanings are going well.” 

Why it's worth buying: With a high 4.2-star rating on Amazon, it's praised for its effectiveness and quiet operation, making it a trusted choice for enhancing gum health.

COSLUS Water Dental Flosser
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The COSLUS Water Dental Flosser can be your go-to solution for effective oral care on the go. Powered by advanced dual-thread water pulse technology, it removes 99.9% of dental stains and improves gum health with high-pressure water pulses. Featuring a generous 300ml water tank and long-lasting battery, it offers up to 30 days of use on a single charge—perfect for travel. With IPX7 waterproofing and a durable design, it's safe for use in the shower and boasts a 3-year lifespan. This portable flosser includes 5 interchangeable nozzles and three modes for a customizable, comfortable cleaning experience anytime, anywhere.


  • Price: $35.24 

  • Brand: COSLUS 

  • Water Pressure: High, adjustable

  • Water Tank: 300ml capacity

  • Modes: Three, versatile

  • Battery Life: Long-lasting

  • Nozzles: Interchangeable, five



High-pressure cleaning

Charging adapter not included

Removes stains effectively

Initial high pressure may cause discomfort

Large water tank reduces refills

Waterproof safe for shower use

Portable lightweight for travel

User’s Reviews: "This is the second one I bought (for a family member) because I raved about the first one (for myself). It's affordable, portable, the charge lasts about a month with daily usage. I love that I can easily travel with it. It's easy to maintain cleanliness and store it. It takes up very little space. I've had other water flossers that are bulky, take up counter space, have to be plugged in, the cord or water hose are too short and therefore inconvenient, etc. This is so much easier to use. I strongly recommend it.” 

Why it's worth buying: With an Amazon Choice badge and high ratings from over 19,000 reviewers, it's a trusted choice for reliable oral care.

Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser is perfect for achieving superior oral health. With 10 pressure settings and a 90-second water capacity, it ensures thorough cleaning without frequent refills. This rechargeable and portable flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque, improving gum health and preventing cavities. Its compact design fits small spaces, and the slim handle reaches even back teeth. ADA accepted and dentist recommended, it includes seven tips for various dental needs and a long-lasting battery for up to four weeks of use.


  • Price: $69.99

  • Brand: Waterpik 

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Pressure Settings: 10 Levels

  • Water Capacity: 90 Seconds

  • Unit Count: 1 Count

  • Tip Types: 7 Tips

  • Waterproof: IPX7 Rated



Highly effective plaque removal

Initial cost can be high

Excellent gum health improvement

May be noisy for some

Dentist recommended ADA accepted

Portable for travel convenience

Long-lasting battery life

User’s Reviews: "I've owned several Waterpiks over many years. The ION professional water flosser is a terrific combination of functionality, compact space and very user friendly. The compact size and cordless feature are the main reasons it got my attention. It also does an excellent job of managing the water tube with the unique magnetic handle. It takes up less space on the bathroom counter and no cord to worry about. I definitely recommend this particular Waterpik model.” 

Why it's worth buying: It boasts a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and over 400 purchases last month, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness in maintaining optimal oral health.

Oralfree Water Dental Flosser Cordless for Teeth Cleaning
Best water flossers Photo: Amazon

The Oralfree Water Dental Flosser Cordless provides deep teeth cleaning and improved gum health with its powerful water pressure and pulsation technique, effectively removing plaque and preventing cavities. Featuring four flossing modes, this portable oral irrigator suits various dental needs, including braces care. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days, and the IPX7 waterproof design ensures safe use in the shower. With a 300ml water tank and five replacement jet tips, it’s perfect for home and travel.


  • Brand: $29.98 

  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Water Tank: 300ML Capacity

  • Flossing Modes: 4 Settings

  • Waterproof: IPX7 Rating

  • Charging Time: 4 Hours



Effective deep cleaning for gums

Initial use may require adjustment

Improves oral health significantly

Higher water pressure might be intense

Portable and travel-friendly design

Long-lasting battery life

Easy to use with multiple modes

User’s Reviews: "My 15 year old granddaughter asked for this for her birthday. It came well packaged in perfect condition. She says it is easy to use and makes her mouth feels really fresh. The water flow is just right and she likes that it is cordless. It is a nice looking flosser and has different levels of power for best results. Works fabulous with the braces. She will be able to take this to girls camp this summer and any family trips.” 

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying for its long-lasting battery, supported by over 7,000 recent purchasers and strong Amazon ratings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are water flossers better than traditional flossing? 

  • Water flossers can be more effective for certain individuals, particularly those with braces, implants, or difficulty using traditional floss. They can reach areas that traditional floss may not and are generally gentler on gums.

Are water flossers suitable for people with braces or dental work? 

  • Yes, water flossers are particularly beneficial for people with braces, dental implants, or bridges. They can effectively clean around these devices where traditional floss might be challenging to use.

Do water flossers reduce gum disease? 

  • Water flossers can help reduce gum disease by removing plaque and debris from between teeth and along the gumline. Regular use as part of a good oral hygiene routine can contribute to healthier gums.

How often should I use a water flosser? 

  • It is recommended to use a water flosser once a day, preferably before or after brushing your teeth. Consistent use helps maintain oral health by reducing plaque buildup and improving gum health.

Are water flossers safe for children to use? 

  • Water flossers can be safe for children to use under adult supervision. There are models specifically designed for children with appropriate pressure settings. It's important to teach children how to use the device properly to avoid misuse or injury.

In Conclusion

Water flossers offer a convenient and effective way to enhance oral hygiene by reaching areas that traditional brushing and flossing may miss. Their ability to remove plaque, reduce gum disease, and improve overall gum health makes them a valuable addition to anyone's oral care routine. With various models available offering features like portability, multiple pressure settings, and ease of use, investing in a water flosser can contribute to maintaining fresh breath and a cleaner mouth. Whether at home or on the go, incorporating a water flosser into daily oral care can lead to healthier gums and teeth over time.

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