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A Wilted Rose

A Wilted Rose

21 October, 2010 Mehr Afshan Farooqi

What does the award acknowledge? A life time’s achievement? An outstanding talent? Or, an exceptional contribution to a particular language and literature?

Why A New NSA Now?

Why A New NSA Now?

22 January, 2010 B. Raman

MK suited Manmohan Singh's first term as it was spent establishing a new relationship with the US and EU countries, but now a distinguished diplomat with an open mind on Pakistan would perhaps fit the role better.

The Inexplicable

He remains a thing of wonder and speculation, a mystery, a batsman impossible to reduce into comprehension by mere words. He spurns labels – he is one big, knotty problem of modern cricket, confounding critics more than bowlers.

Mr Change Of Japan

Mr Change Of Japan

17 September, 2009 B. Raman

The new foreign minister of Japan thinks it is time for his country to less and less US-centric and more and more Asia-centric. For him, Asia means India and China and then other countries.

Dilscoop Delights

Tillakaratne Dilshan says he invented -- or perhaps discovered, for it's conceivable that someone before him in the history of the game did hit play the "hook" or "flick" above the wicketkeeper's head -- by accident.

01 May, 2009

A Professor Of Poetry

Amit Chaudhuri

Amit Chaudhuri and Peter D McDonald explain why they took the initiative in nominating Arvind Krishna Mehrotra for the position of Oxford's Professorship of Poetry, the most high-profile in British poetry after the laureateship

19 January, 2009

Andhra's Very Own

Sugata Srinivasaraju

When I spoke to Ramalinga Raju's friends, former colleagues and relatives, it struck me that however seemingly modern and multinational Satyam became since the 90s, some primitive qualities never left Raju and his company.

06 November, 2008

The Unexpected Turn

Rohit Mahajan

And we thought Jason Krejza had somehow got into the wrong sport! Didn't everyone tell us that the Australian spinners were completely harmless – simple, pure and above any artfulness or chicanery when they bowled on the field?

05 November, 2008

Bharat Ratna Bhimsen Joshi

Outlook Web Bureau

Is it a case of better late than never? The ailing 86-year old is the first Hindustani classical vocalist to be so honoured with India's highest civilian award

14 October, 2008

The Dark Horse

Outlook Web Bureau

Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger is this year's Man Booker Prize winner, beating such favourites as Amitav Ghosh on the short and Salman Rushdie on the long list.

30 September, 2008

The Voice Of India

Harsh V. Pant

A demure woman in a white sari still manages to capture the attention of the nation every time she sings or even speaks. She connects us to much that we hold dear in our musical tradition with a humility that is as remarkable as the genius from which

08 September, 2008

A Pliant President

Tariq Ali

Like his late wife, Zardari, too, is now being laundered, just like the money he made when last in office as minister for investment. Zardari is perfectly suited to being a total creature of Washington.

20 August, 2008

A Kannadiga In Kamarup

Sugata Srinivasaraju

It is very rare that a journalist allows a complete transformation of his identity and acquires a new self to sincerely report a society, its people and their struggles. Usually it works the other way round. Wherever they go, people try to retain the

17 August, 2008

Pure Gold

Rohit Mahajan

"Your son will never be able to focus on anything… He's not gifted. Michael can't sit still, Michael can't be quiet, Michael can't focus," Debbie Phelps was told by her son's kindergarten teacher. But, as it turns out, Michael can rock..

17 August, 2008

A Bolt Of Lightning

Rohit Mahajan

What if we were, say, 10 seconds too late? That question troubled us slightly when we were caught in a very complex Beijing traffic snarl half-an-hour before the start of the men's 100 metres final...

09 April, 2008

Riding The Tiger

Patrick Cockburn

Mass movements led by Messianic leaders have a history of flaring up unexpectedly and then subsiding into insignificance. This could have happened to Muqtada al-Sadr but did not, adding to the American dilemma in Iraq

11 January, 2008

White Bird

Uri Avnery

As against the hawk Binyamin Netanyahu, the vulture Ehud Barak and the raven Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni indeed has an immaculately impressive public image. But...

09 January, 2008

'Anti Indian' Speed?

Boria Majumdar

Section of the Indian media have labelled the ICC chief 'anti-Indian' In Australia, the country of his birth, he is being viewed as being blackmailed into subjection by India based on his decision to remove Steve Bucknor. What gives?

Photo Gallery

In this file image, Punjab Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Charanjit Singh Channi addresses the foundation stone laying ceremony of a memorial for those killed in Jallianwala Bagh massacre, at Anand...

PTI Photo

Congress supporters outside Governor's residence after Charanjit Singh Channi, was announced as the next CM of Punjab, in Chandigarh.

PTI Photo

Former union minister and sitting MP Babul Supriyo during interaction with media, in the presence of TMC Rajyasabha MP Derek O'Brien (R) and TMC leader Saugata Roy (L) at a city hotel in Kolkata.

PTI Photo/Swapan Mahapatra

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath being garlanded on his visit to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University in Ayodhya.


The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) team at Mandapam have seized two tonnes of banned sea cucumber.

PTI Photo


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