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The Desperate Plight Of Petro-States

The Desperate Plight Of Petro-States

27 May, 2016 Michael Klare

Once so wealthy from oil sales, petro-states are now beset by internal strife or are on the brink of collapse as oil prices remain at ruinously low levels

How We Chose Nike

How We Chose Nike

23 May, 2016 Phil Knight

“What’d you decide?” Woodell asked me at the end of the day. “Nike,” I mumbled. “Hm,” he said. “Yeah, I know,” I said. “Maybe it’ll grow on us,” he said.

The Costs Of Violence

Obama's global drone assassination campaign is generating terrorists more rapidly than it is murdering those suspected of someday intending to harm us

Music And The Six-Day War

Music And The Six-Day War

10 May, 2016 Bakhtiar K. Dadabhoy

As he straightened the painting above his head, Zubin Mehta discovered a splintered hole in the frame and a bullet lodged in the wall behind it.

American Power Under Challenge

We cannot gain a realistic understanding of who rules the world while ignoring the “masters of mankind,” as Adam Smith called them: in his day, the merchants and manufacturers of England; in ours, multinational conglomerates, huge financial institutions, retail empires, and the like.

04 May, 2016

Donald Trump In South Sudan

Nick Turse

An excerpt from Nick Turse's latest book on his riveting reportorial trip into a war-crimes zone.

25 April, 2016

The Indian Jungle Book

Srinath Raghavan

How the Indian Army got battle ready to face the apparently-invincible Japanese forces in the summer of 1942.

29 March, 2016

World War Between Uber And Ola

Kashyap Deorah

It was a war of who blinks first. Meanwhile, consumers were getting free rides and the company shareholders were on an interesting ride...

13 March, 2016

The Great Kingfisher Sting

K. Giriprakash

When lenders actually started asking for their money back, it was put across to Mallya's officials as gently as possible

12 March, 2016

Banking On Killing An Airline

K. Giriprakash

The inside story on how Vijay Mallya destroyed Kingfisher, with the banks cheering on

14 March, 2016

My Encounter With Housing's Rahul Yadav

Kashyap Deorah

Seasoned entrepreneurs and investors used to tell me that more companies die due to indigestion, fueled by over-funding, than due to starvation

07 March, 2016

My Experiment With Corruption

Kaushik Basu

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he had heard about my idea on how to control corruption, but he had to say he did not agree with me on this

29 February, 2016

A Strange Encounter With Murtaza Bhutto

Shyam Bhatia

'Murtaza?' Quick as flash, he pulled out a pistol, pushed it against my forehead and shouted, 'Who wants to know?'

15 February, 2016

Vajpayee: Love, Life and Poetry

Kingshuk Nag

The better half Atal Bihari Vajpayee never had and yet was always at his side...

10 February, 2016

'Indian Army, Rape Us'

Anubha Bhonsle

The fascinating and moving story behind the unique protest in 2004 by 12 Imas in Imphal, Manipur...

06 February, 2016

'The Gang Who Created Unrest In Punjab'

G.S. Chawla

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, this "gang" had complete hold on the administrative setup...

05 February, 2016

'Every Government Bugs Rashtrapati Bhawan'

G.S. Chawla

The moment I entered the room, he stood up and said: "Hats off to the man who can talk to the President of India in this language"

18 January, 2016

The Place Of Women In India

Barkha Dutt

We came to treat such instance of harassment and abuse as the rites of passage of growing up female in India...

Photo Gallery

BJP MP and Bollywood actress Hema Malini distributes free gas connection to a women beneficiary under PM 2.0 Ujjwala Yojana at Vrindavan in Mathura.

PTI Photo

Union Minister of Road Transport and highways Nitin Gadkari felicitates doctors (Covid Warriors) at a Felicitation function at Krishna Hospital in Karad, Maharashtra.

PTI Photo

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh awards M Phil degrees to the graduates of the 59th National Defence College (NDC) course during their convocation ceremony, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

People take part in a protest demonstration against Assam government over Thursday's violence in an eviction drive in Assam, in Kolkata.

PTI Photo

Police lathi-charge on ST\SC students during their Vidhan Sabha march, in Patna.

PTI Photo

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Caste Your Vote: Why A Caste Census Could Radically Change India’s Political Map

Opposition parties unite for implementation of a long-standing demand. Will the Modi Government bite the bullet?


A Tulsi Plant, Unworn Sandals, A Mat, Brooms…Hathras Memories In A Post-Truth World

There is no need to contextualise Hathras. It is a standalone story. A warning, a trigger, a tragedy.

Chinki Sinha
A Tulsi Plant, Unworn Sandals, A Mat, Brooms…Hathras Memories In A Post-Truth World


Congress Bowls A Caste Googly: A Dalit Sikh As Chief Minister Of Punjab Ahead Of State Polls

A Dalit Sikh CM from the neglected Puad region is a smart move, queering the pitch for the grand old party’s rivals.

Amandeep Sandhu
Congress Bowls A Caste Googly: A Dalit Sikh As Chief Minister Of Punjab Ahead Of State Polls