Friday, Oct 07, 2022

US Senators Seek Sanctions On Taliban, Role Of Pakistan In Aiding Group

The legislation has been introduced to impose sanctions not only on Taliban, but also the foreign governments supporting it. Besides, it seeks role of Pakistan in helping Taliban to topple the government in Afghanistan.

US senators demand sanctions on Taliban. (File photo) AP

US Republican senators have introduced a legislation to impose sanctions on the Taliban government in Afghanistan and also on the foreign governments that support it.

A group of 22 Republican senators on Tuesday have introduced the legislation titled 'Afghanistan Counterterrorism, Oversight and Accountability Act' led by Senator Jim Risch.

The legislation seeks a report from the Secretary of State about his assessment of the role of Pakistan in supporting the Taliban from 2001-2020.

It also seeks Pakistan’s role in the offensive that led to the toppling of the Government of Afghanistan.

It also seeks to look into the Pakistan support for Taliban offensive against Panjshir Valley and Afghan resistance.

“We continue to see the grave implications of the Biden administration’s haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Risch said after introducing the bill on the senate floor.

“An unknown number of American citizens and Afghan partners remain abandoned in Afghanistan under threat from the Taliban. We face a renewed terror threat against the United States, and the Taliban wrongly seek recognition at the United Nations, even as they suppress the rights of Afghan women and girls,” he noted.

The legislation also requires strategies for counterterrorism and for the disposition of Taliban-captured US equipment and sanctions the Taliban and others in Afghanistan for terrorism, drug-trafficking, and human rights abuses. It authorises sanctions on those providing support to the Taliban, including foreign governments.

It states that the United States should not recognise any member of the Taliban as the ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States or as the ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Nations. The legislation calls for a comprehensive review of foreign assistance to entities that support the Taliban.

The legislation further urges a report from the President on detailed description of the security and economic challenges that the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, and the Taliban pose to the countries of South and Central Asia, including border disputes with South and Central Asian countries that border China, investments China in land and sea ports, military activities and installations, transportation infrastructure, and energy projects across the region.

It also seeks a presidential report in identification of areas where the US can strengthen diplomatic, economic and defense cooperation with India to address economic and security challenges posed by China, Russia and the Taliban in the region, and an assessment of how the changes to India’s security environment resulting from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan will affect US’ engagement with India. (With PTI inputs)