Saturday, May 21, 2022

Harris, Clinton Rake Up USD6 Million In Fundraiser, Make Fun Of Trump

At the top of the fundraiser, Hillary Clinton said the event raised more than USD6 million from more than 100,000 people.

Harris, Clinton Rake Up USD6 Million In Fundraiser, Make Fun Of Trump
Representational image. AP

Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris, the Democrat's vice-presidential nominee, and its 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raked up over USD 6 million at a fundraiser during which the two made fun of US President Donald Trump.

"I've never seen him laugh," Clinton said during the virtual event.

"I've never, ever seen him make fun of himself. Certainly not his hairdo — you know, that's, something I'm quite experienced. It is really telling that part of the cruelty and the indifference, and just the plain meanness that we see on a regular basis from him, is in part because he has no sense of humour. And, you know, he loves putting people down, not lifting them up," Clinton said.

"I totally agree with you, Hillary," Harris said of Trump's personality.

"There is nothing joyful about him. There is nothing about him that inspires joy," Harris said.

“And it's such a shame, really. I mean on one level you just have to feel like, you know, oh, everyone should have something in their lives that gives them the ability to smile a genuine smile," she said.

At the top of the fundraiser, Clinton said the event raised more than USD6 million from more than 100,000 people. She said the average donation was less than USD30.

When Clinton was asked what advice she has for Harris ahead of next month's debate with Vice President Mike Pence, she said Pence will try to somehow subtly undercut Harris.

“You know, try to say ‘well you know that's not the way it's done,’ or ‘that's not what we expect or that's not what we believe,’ trying to somehow put her in the box of, ‘you know, the inexperienced woman candidate.’ And she's not going to stand for that and she's not going to put up with it, and she has to modulate her responses because we know there still is a double standard alive and well when it comes to women in politics,” Clinton said.

“So, she's got to be firm, and effective in rebutting any implication that comes from the other side. But to do it in a way that doesn't, you know, scare or alienate voters. So, it's a process that she will master during preparation,” said the former secretary of state.

The fundraiser was hosted by Maya Khabira Rudolph, an American actress, comedian, singer, and voice actress and Amy Meredith Poehler, an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director.

“This election is about more than what we're voting against. It's also about what we're voting for a brighter future for all Americans. We know we can't just go back to the way things were before Donald Trump as Joe says we need to build back better,” Rudolph said.

In her remarks, Clinton talked about the wildfires out West in California, Oregon and Washington and the people “suffering so dramatically” from families who lost loved ones and property to those dealing with dangerous air quality levels.

"I'm just grateful that today Joe Biden delivered a compelling powerful speech about climate change because we all know that it is driving the intensity of these fires and we have to deal with it, along with our pandemic,” Clinton said.

“The ongoing moral reckoning with racism and violence, you know, what we're up against, but I don't think the current incumbent of the White House seems to know or more importantly, to care.

“The Woodward tapes are stunning,” Clinton said. “We’ve heard tapes of presidents before, but we've never heard a president who deliberately kept information from the American people that could have saved lives and misery,” she said.

“So, we need a president and a vice president who will show the kind of compassion determination and leadership. That is so desperately missing and needed right now,” Clinton said.

Calling Clinton “absolutely extraordinary,” Harris said the former secretary of state has always been a model of what it means to have leadership that puts the country ahead of everything else.

“You have been someone who has been a role model to so many of us as women. My mother said often to my sister Maya and me, ‘You may be the first to do many things make sure you're not the last', and you have always been that person who not only has broken so many glass ceilings as you have said shattering all of those, those shards that may fall. You, you do it was such grace and you always do it in a way that is about creating a path for others to follow,” she said.

“The thing about breaking barriers, you know, some people might think breaking barriers means you start on one side of the barrier and you just show up on the other side of the barrier,” Harris said.

“But that's not what happens, I'm breaking barriers involves breaking things. And when you break things. sometimes you get cut. It's painful. It's worth it every single time. But it is not without an extraordinary amount of courage and effort, and Hillary you have broken so many barriers and have shown America, its potential,” Harris said.