June 24, 2021
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' This Is Not The Law That I Read'

When the leaders of opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were stopped at Jammu airport to prevent them from proceeding to Srinagar as part of their flag-hoisting plans at Lal Chowk, the running commentary came via Twitter

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' This Is Not The Law That I Read'


  • I am leaving for Jammu to join the Tiranga yatra to Srinagar. 
  • We have landed in Jammu. It appears they have locked the Terminal gates. Not being allowed to go out. 
  • They have served us an Order under S.144 CrPC. They want us to fly back. 
  • Initially they were not allowing us to deplane. Now we have come out. We are sitting at the tarmac. 
  • They are not allowing the plane to fly back. They are asking us to go back in the Plane. We have refused. 
  • They have the power to arrest us. How can they deport us. 
  • We are at the tarmac.
  • We are determined to go and hoist the national flag at the Lal Chowk. The Government should allow us to go there at our risk.
  • What is this ? They are not allowing the plane to leave without us. 
  • What is our offence ? We only want to hoist our national flag. 
  • I am reminded of what poet Faiz wrote 'Nisar main teri galiyon pe ae watan ki jahan chali hai rasam ki koi na sar utha ke chale'. 
  • Kahte hain 'dekhte hain kaun jhanda fahrata hai aur kiska jhanda fahrata hai'. Arre hamari mayon ne kaayar jane hain kya ? 
  • Lo suno - Hum jhanda fahrayeinge. Aur Bharat ka jhanda fahrayeinge. Bs hamein physically pahunchne do. 
  • Bharat Mata ki jai. Vande Maatram - Vande Maatram. Bs hamein jaane do. 
  • Terminal gates are locked. We are not allowed there.
  • The plane is not allowed to leave. 
  • Arun Jaitley & Anant trying to reason with the. You cant do this under Section 144 ? 
  • Just see - we are being deported because we want to fly the national flag. 
  • We have been taken to the Terminal. Those accompanying us held at the tarmac. DM came.
  • Arun Jaitley and Anant Kr with me. 
  • DGP and other senior officials have arrived.
  • Arun and I are both lawyers. I practised before Supreme Court right from 1973 onwards
  • You don't arrest us - you don't allow us to leave the Airport. This is not the law that I read. 
  • They have got our baggage. Its loaded in three cars. What next ? Dont know.
  • You are under arrest' they say
  • Arrested - cars - separate - dont know where to ?
  • Just dumped on j&J - Panjab border.
  • This place is called Madhopur.
  • We will enter J&K again.
  • We did not come for a Satyagraha. We have come for Tiranga Yatra. Wont give up. Come what may.
  • Vande Maatram.


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