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Style Meets Function With Bosch cooking Appliances

The once-humble kitchen has got a fancy makeover to to emerge as the focal point where families unwind and entertain. So, if putting together a fancy, and functional kitchen is on your mind, you need not look any further than Bosch cooking appliances, that have been perfected for Indian cooking, and upholds the beauty of German Engineering and design.

Style Meets Function With Bosch cooking Appliances
Style Meets Function With Bosch cooking Appliances

You are what you eat, goes the adage, establishing the ageold connect between cuisine and culture, pantry and people. After all, it is only in the kitchen that the five senses come together like no other. In the modern homes of today, the kitchen is not merely seen as a hub for cooking and cleaning activities. It has gradually transformed to being the focal point for families, where besides cooking, small meals are served, homework is done or friends are entertained. The Indian kitchen is slowly becoming the centre of home life and entertainment. Therefore, concepts like open and island kitchens with a small coffee table or dining set-up are becoming immensely popular.

Till not so long ago, maintaining the kitchen was the sole responsibility of the woman. But with the pressures of modernday living, today’s urban kitchen calls for shared responsibility between the working couple. As a result, a kitchen is designed in a way that aids the dining and the entertaining habits of the household and comes with fancyyet-functional appliances such as gas hobs, hoods or chimneys, induction hobs, built-in ovens and microwaves, and other accessories that make life easy. A renewed interest in cooking also has a key role to play when it comes to the new-age consumer spending on good-looking products, while zeroing on appliances.

If putting together a fancy, and functional kitchen is on your mind, you need not look any further than Bosch cooking appliances, which have been perfected for Indian cooking, and upholds the beauty of German engineering and design, perfectly showcased by Bosch over 130 years. Let us take a look at some of the offerings from Bosch cooking appliances:


With kitchens having become the centre of socializing in every home, it is imperative to have a hood with good suction power and minimal noise. The Bosch hood will serve your needs perfectly. Each Bosch hood is created using highly durable stainless steel, and is designed to offer wider coverage and the most ideal suction / extraction for all kinds of kitchens all thanks to powerful blower motors and largest baffle filters. All this is offered together with the finest aesthetics, LED illumination & low noise. With a wide variety of sizes, types and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to find the right chimney hood to perfectly match your kitchen.


If there is one kitchen appliance that has received a steady makeover, it has to be the once humble gas stove, which is fast being replaced by its more modern and fancier counterparts. The Hobs from Bosch have been re-engineered with the most powerful Triple Flame Burners to give you the best possible distribution of flame, to maintain complete uniformity in your cooking. This apart, every hob comes equipped with complete pan support to ensure pans don’t wobble, rubber gaskets around the knob to minimize water seepage and intelligent control knobs to maintain the desired control over flame levels.

Induction Hobs

With the modern working couple always pressed for time, smart easy solutions that help in effective time management are a priority. The Induction Hobs from Bosch does just that what with heating food and boiling water nearly twice as fast as gas and three times faster than ceramic hobs. What is more, they are also more energy-efficient. Powered with TouchSelect buttons, Pan recognition sensor that recognises the diameter of the cookware and determines the size of the cooking zone accordingly, and much more, these induction hobs have the potential to make life far simpler. Alongside, Induction hobs are easier to clean than traditional hobs, because the ceramic glass doesn’t get as hot. Any spillages can be quickly and easily wiped away. With an Induction Hob, micro-currents are generated in the bottom of the pot. Consequently, heat is only created when the pan is connected to the hob and heating will stop as soon as it’s removed, which means it’s far safer than cooking with traditional hobs.


If you occasionally like to indulge the baker in you, an oven from Bosch is just what your kitchen needs. Not only does the minimalistic design in glass and stainless steel go well with other Bosch appliances, but it also gives you that professional edge. From continental to Italian, desserts to even Indian cuisine, its large capacity is ideal for baking or grilling for the entire family. All you need is to set the timer, and prepare to cook to your heart’s content. Perfect baking and roasting not only requires the right temperature, but also appropriate heating function, and the Bosch oven does just that–from 4D Hotair to Hotair Eco, Bosch ovens offer heating functions that deliver everything from haute cuisine to everyday feasts.

Microwave oven

Who doesn’t like a delicious hot dinner that can be rustled up in a jiffy at the end of a long working day! Microwave to your rescue! The multi-talented Bosch microwaves will let you thaw, heat up and even bake. In addition to the classic heating methods for baking, they also have an integrated microwave, which means that one thing is certain: You don’t have to ever sacrifice superb cooking results even when you are in a hurry or downright tired! Cooking up a meal never seemed more exciting than now!

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