October 01, 2020
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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Australia Vs West Indies, Highlights: Five-Star Mitchell Starc Completes Superb Win For AUS

Mitchell Starc's five-wicket haul and half-centuries from Nathan Coulter-Nile (92) and Steve Smith (73) helped Australia beat West Indies by 15 runs in a ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixture at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday. Australia had beaten Afghanistan by seven wickets in their opening game of the tournament. Catch highlights of Australia Vs West Indies here

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Australia Vs West Indies, Highlights: Five-Star Mitchell Starc Completes Superb Win For AUS
Mitchell Starc, second left, celebrates the dismissal of Sheldon Cottrell during the 2019 Cricket World Cup match between Australia and West Indies at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Australia Vs West Indies, Highlights: Five-Star Mitchell Starc Completes Superb Win For AUS

Australia defeated West Indies by 15 runs in a ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixture at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday. Asked to bat first, Australia lost half their side inside the first 20 overs but Nathan Coulter-Nile's 60-ball 92 and Steve Smith's 73 propelled the defending champions to 288. In reply, the Windies lost wickets at crucial intervals and were restricted to 273/9. Mitchell Starc, who took five wickets, became the fastest to 150 ODI scalps. Get highlights and match report of the Australia Vs West Indies encounter here (MATCH REPORTSCORECARD | POINTS TABLE | FULL SCHEDULE)

23:18 hrs IST: That's it. Thank you for joining us! 

Nathan Coulter-Nile, Man of the Match: "No. I did not think I would get that much. I remember Smith being on 81 and me not hanging around in a practice game, so I thought I would stick around a little bit. Played a pull shot second ball and it went up, luck went my way - couple dropped safely and inside edged a few. That's the way cricket goes. We back ourselves, we got two world class bowlers and Zamps. We back ourselves to defend anything."

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23:02 hrs IST: That's it. Australia win by 15 runs, their second consecutive victory in the tournament. 

22:53 hrs IST: OUT! Five-wicket haul for Starc. What a performance it has been from the Australian! West Indies are 256/9 after 48 overs, need 33 off 12

22:48 hrs IST: Three singles off Stoinis' third over. West Indies are 255/8 after 47 overs, need 34 off 18. 

22:43 hrs IST: DOUBLE-STRIKE! Starc gets Brathwaite and Holder in the space of six balls, becomes the fastest to 150 ODI wickets. Good decision by Finch to go with his main bowler. West Indies are 252/8 after 46 overs, need 37 off 24

22:37 hrs IST: Cummins finishes with 2/41 (three maidens!). West Indies are 251/6 after 45 overs, need 38 off 30. 

22:32 hrs IST: SIX! Bouncer from NCN and Brathwaite muscles it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Also, Holder completes his fifty. Steady innings from the skipper. West Indies are 243/6, need 46 off 36

22:28 hrs IST: Exceptional over from Cummins, just a run off it. West Indies are 233/6 after 43 overs, need 56 off 42

22:23 hrs IST: Another tidy over from NCN, only two runs off it. West Indies are 232/6 after 42 overs, need 57 off 48

22:19 hrs IST: Nine runs off Zampa's final over. The leggie ends with 1/58. West Indies are 230/6 after 41 overs, need 59 off 54

22:16 hrs IST: Great over from NCN, just four off it. West Indies are 221/6, need 68 off 60

22:11 hrs IST: OUT! Totally unecessary from Russell. Full delivery from Starc, the West Indian looks to hit it over mid-wicket but miscues and Maxwell runs back from point to complete a fine catch. Carlo Brathwaite comes to the crease. West Indies are 217/6, need 72 off 66

22:05 hrs IST: RUSSELL SHOW! Smashes Zampa for a huge six and a boundary, straight down the ground. West Indies are 210/5 after 38 overs, need 79 off 72

21:56 hrs IST: Splendid over from Zampa, only one run off it. West Indies are 191/5 after 36 overs. Holder 24*, Russell 0*

21:52 hrs IST: OUT! Very good over from Cummins. Two runs and a wicket. He had Hope (68 off 105) caught by Khawaja. FoW-190/5 (34.6 overs).

21:47 hrs IST: Aaron Finch sticks with Glenn Maxwell. The all-rounder on with his sixth over. Jason Holder hits the first two balls for fours. Poor bowling from the Big Show. 10 runs from the over. West Indies are 188/4 after 34 overs. 

21:43 hrs IST: Pat Cummins continues. Five runs from the over, including a four off the fifth ball. Shai Hope plays a well calculated shot to fine leg after shuffling his stance to meet to the bouncer. West Indies are 178/4 after 33 overs.

21:36 hrs IST: Holder has started on a confident note. Should be easy for Windies if they don't lose a wicket in the next 5-7 overs. They are 173/4 after 32 overs. Time for drinks! 

21:27 hrs IST: Nine off the last 12 balls. West Indies are 160/4 after 30 overs

21:20 hrs IST: WICKET! Massive blow to Windies. Hetmyer, who was looking so good, is run-out. Sharp throw from Pat Cummins (from mid-off) and Maxwell does the rest. Jason Holder comes to the crease. West Indies are 151/4 after 28 overs

21:16 hrs IST: Single and that's fifty for Hope. Needs to continue the good work. West Indies are 149/3 after 27 overs

21:09 hrs IST: FOUR! Another bouncer and Hetmyer pulls it in front of square. Man at deep has no chance. West Indies are 133/3 after 25 overs. Hope 38*, Hetmyer 17* 

21:05 hrs IST: FOUR! Fraction short from Zampa, Hope rocks back and smacks it in the gap between long-on and deep mid-wicket boundary. Costly over from the Australian, 10 runs off it. West Indies are 126/3 after 24 overs. 

21:01 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Starc and Hetmyer pulls it through mid-wicket. Fast hands! West Indies are 116/3 after 23 overs. 

20:57 hrs IST: Nine runs off the last two overs. West Indies are 111/3 after 22 overs. Hope 27*, Hetmyer 6*

20:49 hrs IST: OUT! This is not good news for Windies. In-form Pooran (40) falls to Zampa. West Indies are 102/3 after 20 overs. Shimron Hetmyer comes to the crease

20:43 hrs IST: FOUR! Another short ball, this time from Stoinis, and Hope pulls it in the gap between fine leg and deep square. West Indies are 99/2 after 19 overs. 

20:40 hrs IST: FOUR! Touch short from Zampa, Hope goes back and punches it past the fielder at cover. First boundary after 52 balls. West Indies are 93/2 after 18 overs. 

20:37 hrs IST: Pooran going well, but Hope still struggling a bit. Partnership worth 57 off 73 deliveries. Just what the doctor ordered for Windies after they lost their openers cheaply. West Indies are 88/2 after 17 overs. Pooran 39*, Hope 16*

20:27 hrs IST: Just six runs off the last two overs. West Indies are 78/2 after 15 overs. Time for drinks!

20:21 hrs IST: Four singles off Coulter-Nile's third over. West Indies are 72/2 after 13 overs. Pooran 29*, Hope 11*

20:16 hrs IST: Fourteen runs off the last 12 deliveries. West Indies are 68/2 after 12 overs. Pooran 27*, Hope 9*

20:07 hrs IST: Good over from Coulter-Nile, just four off it. West Indies are 54/2 after 10 overs. Pooran 19*, Hope 6*

20:03 hrs IST: Third maiden over from Cummins. West Indies are 50/2 after 9 overs. Pooran 18*, Hope 3*. Coulter-Nile to continue. 

19:59 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries for Pooran. Looks in great touch. Needs to keep it going. West Indies are 50/2 after 8 overs. Cummins again.

19:55 hrs IST: Costly over from Starc, 10 runs off it. West Indies are 41/2 after 7 overs. Nathan Coulter-Nile comes into the attack. He has had a good day so far. 

19:51 hrs IST: Another maiden over from Cummins. No margin of error. West Indies are 31/2 after 6 overs. Hope 2*, Pooran 1*

19:47 hrs IST: OUT! And Gayle isn't third time lucky. Starc finally gets his man. Nicholas Pooran comes to the crease. West Indies are 31/2 after 5 overs. Cummins to continue. It was a no-ball. Should have been a free-hit. Starc clearly overstepped. Poor umpiring!

19:40 hrs IST: Pat Cummins on with his second over. A dot to Shai Hope, then a single. Chris Gayle then hits back-to-back fours. A couple, then a four. 15 runs from the over. Those couple of bad calls seems to have infuriated the Universe Boss. West Indies are 27/1 after four overs.

19:35 hrs IST: What an over! Chris Gayle is asking umpire, Chris Gaffaney, what have I done to you? First, a caught behind, which was not. Gayle was bowled, but bails remain stuck in the groove. Then a LBW, with the ball missing the leg stump by miles. Both times, Gayle took the review immediately, without consulting his partner. Such was his confidence. Five runs from Mitchell Starc's second over. West Indies are 12/1 after three overs.

19:29 hrs IST: WICKET! Superb over from Pat Cummins. A maiden wicket. He had Evin Lewis (1 off 5) caught at second slip by second slip by Steve Smith. FoW-7/1 (1.4 overs). Shai Hope is the new man.

19: 23 hrs IST: Mitchell Starc starts with the proceedings in the second half of the match. Chris Gayle faces the first ball, and five wides, down the leg. Two singles and four dots. Seven runs from the over. Target is 289. Evin Lewis is Gayle's opening partner.

Innings Break

18:47 hrs IST: OUT! That's it. Australia finish on 288 in 49 overs. What an innings from Coulter-Nile! Hits 92 off 60. Three wickets for Brathwaite. Join us in a few minutes for West Indies' reply

18:42 hrs IST: Superb over from Thomas, just five off it. Australia are 282/8 after 48 overs. Coulter-Nile 90*, Starc 4*

18:38 hrs IST: Two more boundaries for Coulter-Nile. Moves to 89 off just 55 deliveries. Australia are 277/8 after 47 overs

18:33 hrs IST: Sheldon Cottrell returns. Huge applause for Chris Gayle, who stops a Nathan Coulter-Nile shot at short fine leg. Diving. And he acknowledges. A single, then Coulter-Nile hits a four and two successive sixes. Australia are 268/7 after 46 overs. 54 off the last five overs.

18:27 hrs IST: WICKET! Steve Smith (73 off 103) hits the first ball then, then departs. Oshane Thomas had him caught at by Sheldon Cottrell at long leg. Stunning from the Windies fielder. FoW-249/7 (44.2 overs). That ended a stunning 102-run stand. Pat Cummins is the new man. Two wides, then a single to long-on. Australia are 252/7 after 45 overs.

18:21 hrs IST: Ashley Nurse continues. Nathan Coulter-Nile is playing a blinder of an innings. He hits the spinner for a four off the first ball, to fine leg. A wide, the Shimron Hetmyer drops him at deep mid-wicket. A single off it. Three singles, a wide and a double from the remaining deliveries. 12 runs from the over. Australia are 245/6 after 44 overs. 

18:17 hrs IST: Big over for Australia. 15 runs from Carlos Brathwaite's 8th, with Steve Smith and Nathan Coulter-Nile hitting a four and a six off the second and fifth balls respectively. Australia are 233/6 after 43 overs.

18:14 hrs IST: Smith has six fifty-plus scores in his last seven innings in World Cup. Australia are 218/6 after 42 overs

18:06 hrs IST: Tidy over from Nurse, just three runs off it. Australia are 206/6 after 40 overs. Smith 58*, Coulter-Nile 40*

18:03 hrs IST: Russell struggling with his knee problem. He still has two overs left but it doesn't look like he'll be back. Windies will hope he's fit enough to bat. Australia are 202/6 after 39 overs. 

17:59 hrs IST: Fourteen runs off the last 12 balls. Australia are 195/6 after 38 overs. Smith 56*, Coulter-Nile 31*

17:51 hrs IST: FOUR! That's fifty for Smith. Needs to carry on and get a big one. Support from other end will be important here. Australia are 181/6 after 36 overs

17:46 hrs IST: Nine runs off Russell's sixth. Australia are 175/6 after 35 overs. How much can they score off the last 90 deliveries?

17:42 hrs IST: Couple of boundaries for Coulter-Nile. Moves into double-figures. Thomas proving to be expensive. Australia are 166/6 after 34 overs. 

17:36 hrs IST: Only five runs off the last two overs. Australia are 153/6 after 33 overs. Smith 46*, Coulter-Nile 3*

17:29 hrs IST: OUT! Edged and gone! Second scalp for Dre Russ. Windies X-Factor? Carey gone for 45(55). Nathan Coulter-Nile comes to the crease. Stupendous over, a wicket and two runs. Australia are 148/6 after 31 overs

17:24 hrs IST: Andre Russell comes back into the attack. Can he strike?

17:21 hrs IST: Both batsmen nearing half-centuries. Has been a good recovery from Australia. Smith at No. 4 seems to be a great option. Will be crucial to his team's chances in the tournament. Australia are 146/5 after 30 overs. Time for drinks!

17:13 hrs IST: Eight off Nurse's first over. Australia are 137/5 after 28 overs. Carey 39*, Smith 39*

17:09 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Holder and Carey drives on the rise through cover. Moves into 30s. Australia are 129/5 after 27 overs. Ashley Nurse comes into the attack.

17:04 hrs IST: Twelve runs off the last two overs. Australia are 122/5 after 26 overs. 

16:57 hrs IST: Three boundaries for Carey. Has started to get into the groove. Needs to play a big innings here. Australia are 110/5 after 24 overs. Smith 26*, Carey 25*

16:52 hrs IST: Costly over from Thomas, 10 off it. Australia are 96/5 after 23 overs. Smith 25*, Carey 12*. Sheldon Cottrell comes back into the attack. 

16:48 hrs IST: Maiden over from Holder. No margin of error. Australia are 86/5 after 22 overs. 

16:44 hrs IST: Just four runs off the last 12 deliveries. Given the kind of bowling lineup Australia has, anywhere around 220 will be a good score. Australia are 86/5 after 21 overs. Smith 24*, Carey 3*

16:36 hrs IST: The bouncer barrage from Thomas continues but Smith negotiates it well. Australia are 82/5 after 19 overs. One more wicket and the defending champs will find it tough to get past 180. 

16:31 hrs IST: Outstanding over from Brathwaite, only one off it. Australia are 80/5 after 18 overs. Smith 23*, Carey 0*. Oshane Thomas comes back into the attack. 

16:26 hrs IST: A wicket-maiden for Holder. Captain leading from the front. Australia are 79/5 after 17 overs. 

16:23 hrs IST: OUT! Short ball from Holder, Stoinis times the pull well but finds Nicholas Pooran at mid-wicket. Australia in all sorts of trouble now. Alex Carey comes to the crease. Steve Smith is the absolute key here. Windies need to find a way to get rid of him

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16:18 hrs IST: Impressive over from Holder, only three runs off it. Australia are 75/4 after 15 overs. This partnership has stabilised things a bit for the Aussies but a lot of work remains to be done. 

16:12 hrs IST: Good over from Brathwaite, just four off it. Australia are 72/4 after 14 overs. Stoinis 18*, Smith 16*. Time for drinks! 

16:08 hrs IST: Successive boundaries for Stoinis. Looks in top form. Moves to 17 in no time. Australia are 68/4 after 13 overs.

16:04 hrs IST: FOUR! Length delivery from Brathwaite, outside off, Smith punches it away through point. Australia are 60/4 after 12 overs. Jason Holder comes into the attack. 

15:59 hrs IST: FOUR! Full-toss from Russell and Smith hits it straight down the ground. Easy pickings! Australia are 54/4 after 11 overs. Brathwaite again. 

15:54 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Brathwaite, Stoinis gets into position early and pulls it to deep backward square leg. Good over for Australia, eight runs off it. Australia are 48/4 after 10 overs. 

15:49 hrs IST: Magnificent over from Russell, only two runs off it. Australia are 40/4 after 9 overs. Smith 4*, Stoinis 0*. Carlos Brathwaite comes into the attack.

15:44 hrs IST: OUT! Short-pitched bowling does it for Cottrell. Maxwell looks to pull but gets a top-edge and Hope takes his third catch of the match. Windies pacers on fire! Marcus Stoinis comes to the crease. Australia are 38/4 after 8 overs. Russell to continue

15:38 hrs IST: OUT! And Russell joins the party, removes Khawaja who never looked comfortable at the crease. Remember, this was the same ground where Pakistan were bowled out for 105 against Jason Holder's side. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Australia are 36/3 after 7 overs

15:32 hrs IST: Cottrell continues to keep it tight. Australia are 33/2 after 6 overs. Khawaja 11*, Smith 2*. And here comes the first change in bowling. Andre Russell is into the attack. 

15:28 hrs IST: FOUR! Short ball from Thomas, Khawaja shuffles and pulls it to fine leg for a boundary. Australia are 32/2 after 5 overs. Cottrell again. 

15:23 hrs IST: Another tidy over from Cottrell, only four off it. And he gets the better of Warner, who hit an unbeaten 89 against Afghanistan. This is a superb start for West Indies. Australia are 26/2 ater 4 overs. Steve Smith comes to the crease

15:17 hrs IST: Solid over from Thomas, a wicket and seven runs. Australia are 22/1 after 3 overs. Cottrell to continue. 

15:12 hrs IST: OUT! Good length ball from Thomas, moves away off the pitch, Finch gets an outside edge and Hope does the rest. Excellent delivery! Usman Khawaja comes to the crease. 

15:09 hrs IST: Decent start from Cottrell. Five runs off his first six deliveries. Australia are 15/0 after 2 overs. Thomas to continue. 

15:05 hrs IST: Single off the last ball for Finch. Not the best of the starts for Thomas. Australia are 10/0 after the first over. Sheldon Cottrell comes into the attack. 

15:02 hrs IST: FIVE WIDES! Thomas gets the line wrong, down the leg-side, wicket-keeper Shai Hope fails to collect and it goes to the boundary. Warner gets off the mark with a single off the next delivery. 

15:00 hrs IST: Time for live action. David Warner to take strike. Oshane Thomas to begin the proceedings. 

14:36 hrs IST: Playing XIs

West Indies: Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Andre Russell, Jason Holder(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Ashley Nurse, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane Thomas

Australia: Aaron Finch(c), David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa

14:33 hrs IST: West Indies have won the toss and have opted to field.

14:20 hrs IST: WHAT THEY SAID - 

Windies captain Jason Holder: "If it's a situation where we feel a batsman may be susceptible to the short ball, then we're going to use it. If it's a situation where that's not the case, then we'll find other alternatives."

Aussie captain Aaron Finch: "I think if we are tentative and if we are a bit standoffish and wait for things to happen, that's when they can dominate you from the start. It's important that you turn up with the right attitude and the right intent in the first 10 overs, bat or ball."

14:15 hrs IST: Chris Gayle has scored at least a half-century in six consecutive ODIs. Only one batsman, Javed Miandad, has ever put together a longer run (nine).

14:00 hrs IST: We'll have the toss in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Yuzvendra Chahal's four-wicket haul and Rohit Sharma's unbeaten 122 helped India defeat South Africa by six wickets in their opening game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 at The Rose Bowl, Southampton on Wednesday.

13:58 hrs IST: BIG NUMBER - Mitchell Starc is four wickets away from becoming only the 10th bowler to pick up 150 ODI scalps for Australia.

13:55 hrs IST: STAT ATTACK - Australia have won nine of their last 10 ODIs against West Indies, although the teams have not met in the 50-over format since 2016.

13:49 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 2019 Cricket World Cup match between Australia and West Indies. 

In previous matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Australia limited Afghanistan to 207 in Bristol, before cruising home by seven wickets on the back of David Warner's unbeaten 89 and a fluent 66 from skipper Aaron Finch. The Windies, on the other hand, skittled out Pakistan for 105 before sealing the deal by seven wickets.

Australia were subjected to a humiliating 242-run thrashing in Nottingham 12 months ago as England racked up a record ODI total of 481-6. However, a much-changed Australia line-up will be confident of ensuring a different outcome today.

Australia are set to be field an unchanged XI. For West Indies, Andre Russell is a doubtful starter after a recurring knee problem flared up in the clash against Pakistan. 

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