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New Zealand Vs India, 1st ODI, Highlights: Ross Taylor Leads NZ To Fantastic Victory Against IND

New Zealand Vs India, 1st ODI, Highlights: Ross Taylor Leads NZ To Fantastic Victory Against IND

Ross Taylor scored an unbeaten 109-run knock to lead New Zealand to a win in the 1st ODI against India at Hamilton. Follow here highlights of New Zealand (NZ) vs India (IND) here


New Zealand defeated India by four wickets in their 1st ODI of the three-match series at Hamilton. After going 5-0 down in the recently concluded T20Is, the win was a much-needed one for the Black Caps, with Ross Taylor grabbing a heroic century. India set a 348-run target in 50 overs, with New Zealand reaching that in 48.1 overs. Follow here highlights of the 1st ODI between New Zealand (NZ) Vs India (IND) here.

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15:45 hrs IST: One run! Taylor sends Shami's delivery to fine leg, AND NEW ZEALAND GET BACK TO WINNING WAYS!! AN EXCELLENT CHASE BY THE BLACK CAPS!

48.1 overs | NZ 348/6, Ross Taylor 109(84), Mitchell Santner 12(9)

New Zealand win by 4 wickets.

15:43 hrs IST: One run, leg byes. Taylor ducks Thakur's delivery. The scores are tied now.

48 overs | NZ 347/6, Ross Taylor 108(83), Mitchell Santner 12(9)

New Zealand need 1 run from 12 balls.

15:38 hrs IST: No run. It was a good ball from Bumrah, an offcutter. Santner can't play it, not too far away from off stump.

47 overs | NZ 334/6, Mitchell Santner 1(5), Ross Taylor 107(81)

New Zealand need 14 runs from 18 balls.

15:34 hrs IST: RUN OUT!!! Taylor worked Shami's delivery to deep midwicket. De Grandhomme was slow on the second run, with Kohli rushing to the bowler's end and a throw from Iyer did the job.

Colin de Grandhomme run out (Shreyas Iyer/Virat Kohli) 1(2)

46 overs | NZ 331/6, Ross Taylor 106(80)

In comes, Mitchell Santner.

New Zealand need 17 runs from 24 balls.

15:29 hrs IST: OUT!! Poor timing. Shami went full on the leg stump. Neesham lofted it, with Jadhav coming in from long-on to take a catch.

James Neesham c Kedar Jadhav b Mohammed Shami 9(14)

45.2 overs | NZ 328/4, Ross Taylor 104(78)

In comes, Colin de Grandhomme.

15:27 hrs IST: One run! It was a length delivery by Bumrah, angling in. Taylor sends it to deep third man.

45 overs | NZ 327/4, Ross Taylor 103(77), James Neesham 9(13)

New Zealand need 21 runs from 30 balls.

15:21 hrs IST: One run. Taylor pulls Yadav's short delivery through backward square. AND HE REACHES HIS HUNDRED!

43.1 overs | NZ 320/4, Ross Taylor 100(73), James Neesham 5(6)

New Zealand need 28 runs from 41 balls.

15:11 hrs IST: OUT!!! Good bowling! Yadav sends a flighted one very wide. Latham tried to drag the lofted shot. He sends it to long-on, where Shami is there to catch it safely.

Tom Latham c Mohammed Shami b Kuldeep Yadav 69(48)

41.4 overs | NZ 309/3, Ross Taylor 97(70)

In comes, James Neesham.

15:08 hrs IST: FOUR!!! It was a length and outside off delivery by Bumrah. Taylor sends it to the right of backward point and left of deep third man.

40.3 overs | NZ 304/3, Ross Taylor 94(66), Tom Latham 67(45)

15:02 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! A SECOND CONSECUTIVE ONE! Poor bowling from Thakur. It was short and wide. Taylor cuts it to point boundary.

40 overs | NZ 292/3, Ross Taylor 93(65), Tom Latham 62(43)

New Zealand need 56 runs from 60 balls.

14:53 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Latham edges Bumrah's pace wide of backward point. It was a short length delivery. Latham reaches his fifty.

38.2 overs | NZ 267/3, Tom Latham 53(49), Ross Taylor 78(59)

14:45 hrs IST: FOUR!! Not a good delivery by Jadeja. Taylor swipes it flat over the mid-wicket fielder.

37 overs | NZ 250/3, Ross Taylor 73(56), Tom Latham 41(33)

14:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Thakur's delivery is wide of off. Latham sits on the back foot and pulls it behind square on the leg side. Excellent timing and placement!

35 overs | NZ 222/3, Tom Latham 35(29), Ross Taylor 52(48)

14:29 hrs IST: One run. Taylor allows Yadav's ball to spin away and hits it in front of short third to reach his fifty.

33.5 overs | NZ 206/3, Ross Taylor 50(45), Tom Latham 22(25)

14:20 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was non-turner on off by Kuldeep. Latham sweeps it hard to the square-leg boundary.

31.5 overs | NZ 188/3, Tom Lathan 12(16), Ross Taylor 42(42)

New Zealand need 160 runs off 109 balls.

14:09 hrs IST: One run. Lathan sweeps Yadav's delivery to deep backward square.

30 overs | NZ 175/3, Tom Latham 2(6), Ross Taylor 41(41)

14:03 hrs IST: OUT!! Bumrah sends a delivery to Taylor. Taylor calls for a run. Nicholls dives but Kohli's throw hits the stumps. It had rolled from Taylor's pad to offside.

Henry Nicholls run out Virat Kohli 78(82)

28.3 overs | NZ 171/3, Ross Taylor 40(39)

In comes, Tom Latham.

14:00 hrs IST: SIX! Taylor hammers it!! It was a length ball from Bumrah. Taylor sent it over deep midwicket. He used Bumrah's pace.

28.2 overs | NZ 170/2, Ross Taylor 39(37), Henry Nicholls 78(82)

13:53 hrs IST: No run. Jadeja's delivery hits on Nicholls' pad, as he tried to hit it into the leg side.

27 overs | NZ 161/2, Henry Nicholls 77(79), Ross Taylor 31(32)

New Zealand need 187 runs from 23 overs.

13:47 hrs IST: FOUR! Nicholls sends Shami's deliberu to deep square. Excellent timing. Not a good ball by Shami.

25.3 overs | NZ 152/2, Henry NIcholls 73(75), Ross Taylor 26(27)

13:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Taylor cuts Yadav's delivery. He sends it past short third man to the boundary.

21.5 overs | NZ 121/2, Ross Taylor 9(13), Henry Nicholls 59(67)

13:24 hrs IST: OUT! Kuldeep sends a drifting ball, up outside off. Blundell goes for a drive up strays out of the crease. Rahul doesn't miss the ball and tips the bails off.

Tom Blundell st KL Rahul b Kuldeep Yadav 9 (10)

19.1 overs | NZ 109/2, Henry Nicholls 56(64)

In comes, Ross Taylor.

13:20 hrs IST: FOUR!! Yadav tosses it up and turns away outside off. Blundell sends it through the covers.

New Zealand cross the 100-mark.

17.5 overs | NZ 103/1, Tom Blundell 6(5), Henry Nicholls 53(61)

13:14 hrs IST: One run. Jadeja sends a dipping delivery and outside off. Nicholls sends it to long-off.

16.5 overs | NZ 91/1, Henry Nicholls 46(57), Tom Blundell 2(3)

13:09 hrs IST: OUT! Guptill tried to use Thakur's pace to guide it to third man. He got cramped and couldn't find the middle nor could keep it down.

Martin Guptill c Kedar Jadhav b Shardul Thakur 32 (41)

15.4 overs | NZ 85/1, Henry Nicholls 42(53)

In comes, Tom Blundell.

13:01 hrs IST: FOUR!! Guptill sends Jadeja's delivery to the left of sweeper. Thakur misses it and can't stop it. It goes past the ropes.

14.1 overs | 75/0, Martin Guptill 29 (35), Henry Nicholls 36 (50)

12:51 hrs IST: One run. Thakur sends it short and into the hips. Guptill hits it to deep square leg.

11.5 overs | NZ 63/0, Martin Guptill 20(27), Henry Nicholls 33(44)

12:43 hrs IST: FOUR! Nicholls sends Thakur's delivery down the leg side. Not a good one by the bowler.

9.5 overs | NZ 53/0, Henry Nicholls 29 (37), Martin Guptill 15(22)

12:38 hrs IST: No run. Shami added some width in this short delivery. Guptill hits it towards cover-point.

9 overs | NZ 45/0, Martin Guptill 12(20), Henry Nicholls 24(34)

12:30 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS!! Nicholls steps out and pulls Shami's delivery in front of square.

6.4 overs | NZ 42/0, Henry Nicholls 22 (27), Martin Guptill 12 (13)

12:26 hrs IST: Three runs! Thakur's delivery gets driven by Guptill with a half-volley. Poor fielding by Shaw.

6 overs | NZ 33/0, Martin Guptill 11(12), Henry Nicholls 14(24)

New Zealand need 315 runs from 44 overs.

12:20 hrs IST: GOOD SHOT BY NICHOLLS! Bumrah overpitches his delivery. Great placement by the batsman. He sends it over covers.

4.5 overs | NZ 27/0, Henry Nicholls 14(23), Martin Guptill 6(6)

12:16 hrs IST: FOUR! Not a good one by Shami. Guptill sends it through mid-wicket and the fielder inside the ring can't stop it.

4 overs | NZ 23/0, Martin Guptill 6(6), Henry Nicholls 10 (18)

12:08 hrs IST: Shami sends a good delivery. Guptill leaves it alone. Good start by India. Only four runs from this over.

2 overs | NZ 11/0, Martin Guptill 2 (5), Henry Nicholls 4 (7)

11:21 hrs IST: One run. A good yorker from Bennett. Rahul sends it to deep midwicket.

50 overs | IND 347/4, KL Rahul 88 (64), Kedar Jadhav 26 (15)



11:16 hrs IST: EXQUISITE! SIX! Rahul sends Neesham's yorker over short third man.

49 overs | IND 340/4, KL Rahul 86 (61), Kedar Jadhav 24 (12)

11:08 hrs IST: FOUR!!!! Southee went for a slower delivery. Jadhav flat hits it to long-off! BIG!!!

47.4 overs | IND 321/4, Kedar Jadhav 17 (7), KL rahul 75 (58)

10:56 hrs IST: OUT! Iyer sends Southee's delivery straight to sweeper cover. It was a nice cross-seam full delivery. Iyer ended up slicing it.

Shreyas Iyer c Mitchell Santner b Tim Southee 103 (107)

45.3 overs | IND 290/4, KL Rahul 102 (104)

In comes, Kedar Jadhav.

10:47 hrs IST: SIX! THAT WAS HUGE!! Neesham sends a full toss from way outside off. Rahul sends it into the stands over deep midwicket.

44 overs | IND 285/3, KL Rahul 58 (48), Shreyas Iyer 101 (102)

10:42 hrs IST: Iyer eases Santner's delivery to long-off for a single. IYER REACHES HIS FIRST ODI HUNDRED!!

42.5 overs | IND 276/3, Shreyas Iyer 100 (101), KL Rahul 50 (42)

10:33 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Iyer made it look so easy, as he cuts away Santner's delivery between point and short third.

40.5 overs | IND 260/3, Shreyas Iyer 88 (93), KL Rahul 48 (38)

10:30 hrs IST: FOUR!!! A length delivery by Southee. Iyer sends over extra-cover. Southee is struggling.

39.2 overs | IND 249/3, Shreyas Iyer 82 (89), KL Rahul 43 (34)

10:19 hrs IST: SIX!!! AMAZING SHOT!! It was a length delivery by Southee. Rahul slams it over long-on!

37.5 overs | IND 242/3, KL Rahul 41 (28), Shreyas Iyer 69 (85)

10:12 hrs IST: SIX!! An offcutter by Bennett. Iyer slams it over long-on boundary.

35.4 overs | IND 207/3, Shreyas Iyer 65 (77), KL Rahul 25 (23)

10:02 hrs IST: SIX!!! Rahul sends Sodhi's delivery clean over long-off! WHAT A SHOT!

34.2 overs | IND 192/3, KL Rahul 17 (18), Shreyas Iyer 59 (74)

09:53 hrs IST: One run. Iyer sends Sodhi's delivery to outside off, hit through the line to long-off.

33 overs | IND 177/3, Shreyas Iyer 51 (68), KL Rahul 10 (16)

09:44 hrs IST: FOUR! Iyer cuts away Santner's delivery. He bisects it between point and short third.

30 overs | IND 162/3, Shreyas Iyer 45 (60), KL Rahul 1 (6)

09:40 hrs IST: OUT!! It was an excellent googly by Sodhi. Kohli goes to play the legbreak, but the ball goes through the gap between bat and pad.

Virat Kohli b Ish Sodhi 51 (63)

28.4 overs | IND 156/3, Shreyas Iyer 40 (58)

In comes, KL Rahul.


He sends Santler's delivery to long-on. One run.

27.2 overs | IND 150/2, Virat Kohli 50 (61), Shreyas Iyer 35 (52)

09:30 hrs IST: FOUR!! Too much width in Bennett's delivery. Iyer gets a thick edge and it goes to the third man fence.

27 overs | IND 149/2, Shreyas Iyer 35 (52), Virat Kohli 49 (59)

09:24 hrs IST: No run. Iyer gets beaten by Bennett's delivery. No run.

25 overs | IND 134/2, Shreyas Iyer 29 (48), Virat Kohli 41 (51)

09:15 hrs IST: Kohli sends de Grandhomme's delivery wide of cover for a single. Good running.

23 overs | IND 123/2, Virat Kohli 33 (44), Shreyas Iyer 27 (43)

09:01 hrs IST: One run. It was a length delivery by Neesham. Kohli sends it to the covers. 110 reached!

19.1 overs | IND 100/2, Virat Kohli 26 (35), Shreyas Iyer 15 (29)

08:57 hrs IST: No run. It was a short delivery by Neesham. Iyer defends it to point.

17.5 overs | IND 92/2, Shreyas Iyer 8 (22), Virat Kohli 25 (34)

08:49 hrs IST: One run. It was short delivery by Neesham and outside off. Kohli sends it to deep third man.

16 overs | IND 83/2, Virat Kohli 18 (29), Shreyas Iyer 7 (16)

08:43 hrs IST: One run. It was a length delivery by de Grandhomme. Kohli drives it to sweeper cover.

15 overs | IND 79/2, Virat Kohli 16 (25), Shreyas Iyer 6 (14)

08:28 hrs IST: No run. It was a short delivery by Neesham. Iyer punches it but can't get it past Santner at short cover.

12 overs | IND 61/2, Shreyas Iyer 0 (6), Virat Kohli 7 (14)

08:19 hrs IST: No run. Iyer drives de Grandhomme's delivery straight to mid-off.

10 overs | IND 55/2, Shreyas Iyer 0 (4), Virat Kohli 1 (4)

08:15 hrs IST: OUT! It was a short delivery by Southee with width on it. Agarwal hits it off the middle straight to point. Blunder takes the catch.

Mayank Agarwal c Tom Blundell b Tim Southee 32 (31)

8.4 overs | IND 54/2, Virat Kohli 0 (0)

In comes, Shreyas Iyer.

08:10 hrs IST: OUT!!! Shaw tried to run down de Grandhomme's delivery to leg side, but poor timing. Easy catch for Latham.

Prithvi Shaw c Tom Latham b Colin de Grandhomme 20 (21)

8 overs | IND 50/1, Mayank Agarwal 28 (27)

In comes, Virat Kohli.

07:57 hrs IST: One run, and Sodhi almost got Agarwal. It was a good ball by Southee. Agarwal flicked if off a thick inside edge to mid-on. He went for a single and got lucky.

5 overs | IND 26/0, Mayank Agarwal 12 (14), Prithvi Shaw 13 (16)

07:51 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! Not a good length by Bennett. Shaw times it and finds the gap at cover point.

4 overs | IND 21/0, Prithvi Shaw 13 (16), Mayank Agarwal 7 (8)

07:44 hrs IST: FOUR RUNS! Not a good ball by Southee. Agarwal sends it past mid-off. Too full a delivery!

2.2 overs | IND 11/0, Mayank Agarwal 6 (3), Prithvi Shaw 4 (11)

07:41 hrs IST: Two runs. Agarwal punches Bennett's delivery through cover point.

2 overs | IND 6/0, Mayank Agarwal 2 (2), Prithvi Shaw 3 (10)

07:36 hrs IST: No run. A full on middle delivery by Southee. Shaw defends it. A maiden over!

1 over | IND 0/0, Prithvi Shaw 0 (6), Mayank Agarwal 0 (0)

07:09 hrs IST: Here are the starting XIs-

NZ: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham, Jimmy Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Hamish Bennett.

IND: Prithvi Shaw, Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah.

07:03 hrs IST: New Zealand have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

07:01 hrs IST: Also, Prithvi Shaw and Mayank Agarwal are all set to make their ODI debuts.

07:00 hrs IST: Yesterday, India U-19 defeated Pakistan to reach the U-19 World Cup final. It was an easy 10-wicket win. Click here for the report.

06:41 hrs IST: Good morning everyone and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 1st ODI between New Zealand and India, at Seddon Park. Can the visitors carry on with their consistent form or can the Black Caps bounce back?

Injuries to Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan could pave the way for youngsters like Prithvi Shaw, who will be aiming to make an impressing in from of Ravi Shastri and his backroom staff. Also, this will be India's third ODI assignment since the 2019 World Cup. The Men in Blue have previously beaten West Indies and Australia. Meanwhile, New Zealand will play their first ODI since the World Cup final defeat at Lord's.

The last time, both these sides met in ODI cricket, New Zealand knocked out India from the 2019 World Cup in a dramatic semifinal clash. Kohli's team exacted revenge with a 5-0 T20 clean sweep this year.

Other than Sharma, Dhawan, India will also be without Hardik Pandya, Bhuveshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahal. New Zealand will be without Kane Williamson, who joins Trent Boult on the injury roster.

Mayank Agarwal has been named as Sharma's replacement. Also, Kohli revealed that Shaw could make his ODI Debut. He also stated that KL Rahul will keep the wickets and will bat at number five.

In the bowling department, India could play with three pacers, with Kuldeep Yadav expected to return as a spinner.

New Zealand will have Tom Latham as captain. The Black Caps will look at Ross Taylor for inspiration in the absence of Williamson.

All-rounder Jimmy Neeshan has been recalled along with Colin de Grandhomme. Ish Sodhi is only there for the first ODI and the hosts could opt for a two-spinner attack given the slower surface at Seddon Park. Keeper-batsman Tom Blundell and lanky pacer Kyle Jamieson are the only ones who don't have an ODI cap to their name.

Teams (from):

India: Virat Kohli (capt), Prithvi Shaw, Mayank Agarwal, KL Rahul (wk), Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini.

New Zealand: Tom Latham (capt and wk), Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, Jimmy Neesham, Scott Kuggeleijn, Tom Blundell, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Hamish Bennett, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Kyle Jamieson, Mark Chapman.


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