June 23, 2021
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This Valentine's Day Woo Your Partner With These Healthy Treats

This Valentine's Day, not only express your love but take care of your partner’s health too with some healthy treats without compromising on the taste!

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This Valentine's Day Woo Your Partner With These Healthy Treats
This Valentine's Day Woo Your Partner With These Healthy Treats

Nothing says how much you love your partner more than a healthy meal to give a fresh new start to your Valentine's Day. And thinking about your partner’s health is the most sensible and caring thing to do. We promise you that the dishes will get a whole lot sexier with a healthy twist.

And you don’t really need to use refined flour or sugar to make your sweet treats interesting. Whole grains which are rich in fibre and protein are the best choices. Some healthy grains like oats, cous cous, quinoa, amaranth, whole wheat; rye, maize, muesli, granola and multigrain bread are excellent options. Besides, they are also excellent sources of B complex vitamins and most essential minerals. 

Nuts and oilseeds like almonds, walnuts, dried figs, raisins, berries, dates, prunes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, chia seeds, flaxseeds etc. are a great source of healthy fats such as MUFA, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. These have varied benefits when consumed with breakfast since they catalyse the absorption of your overall nutrients consumed in your first meal of the day making your breakfast healthy and nourishing. They help to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, provide satiety and are an excellent source of energy, fibre and antioxidants.

Sweet from the Haven

Dates and fig Ice cream
250gm fig
500gm mascarpone
1,000gm vanilla ice-cream base
500gm dates

Olive oil crumble
25gm olive oil
50gm maltosec

Pomegranate coulis
40gm sugar
3gm agar agar
200gm pomegranate juice

Honey ginger cake
7 tea bag
40 gm baking soda
300gm honey
6 yolk
900gm fresh cream
450ml melted butter
20 baking powder
740 gm flour
20gm ginger powder

Dates and fig Ice cream
*Chop and boil fig. Remove the seeds from dates and cut into small pieces and mix together
*Take half of the mix and make a fine paste and mix into ice cream and fold slowly the rest mix.

Olive oil crumble
*Take Olive oil and maltosec together.
*Rub it slowly until it becomes a powder.

Pomegranate coulis (thick sauce)
* Boil juice and sugar together and add sugar and keep it cool.
* Blend the mix and use as usual.

Honey ginger cake
*Boil water and tea bag together and make a strong tea, strain and keep aside.
* Mix all liquid ingredient add sugar and mix until sugar dissolve.
* Add all the dry ingredients and bake at 180 for 20 minutes.

Nutty Mocha


Caramel biscuit
1,000gm butter
666gm brown sugar
166gm icing sugar
12 eggs
350gm almond powder
24gm baking powder
834gm flour
350gm caramel sauce

Chocolate fudge
200gm Cream
100gm Sugar
60gm Butter
200gm Cashew broken nut
400gm Milk chocolate

Coffee Mousse
100gm Eggs
40gm Yolk
250gm W chocolate
15ml Coffee
5 Gelatin
500gm Whip cream
70gm Sugar


Caramel biscuit

*Take cream, butter and sugar. Gradually, add eggs in the mixture.
*Then, add all the dry ingredients.
*Add caramel sauce on it.

Chocolate fudge
*Put the sugar to the caramel stage. Then, add butter and cream and let it cook for 2 to 3 minute in a slow fire.
*Add Chocolate and roasted cashew.

Coffee Mousse
*Make a sabayon out of eggs, yolks and sugar.
*Add coffee and melted gelatine fold with chocolate than whip cream.

Recipe Courtesy: Chef Shaikh Samim, Pastry Chef, Fairmont Jaipur


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