Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

No Jail For Sidhu Means We Will Continue Getting Uninterrupted Supply Of Sidhuisms: A Look Back To His Quotes That Left Us In Splits

In a big relief to cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Supreme Court on Tuesday spared him from going to jail in the 1988 road rage case.

The apex court has said that Sidhu, now a minister in the Congress government in Punjab, only has to pay Rs. 1000 as fine.

It also means we will get our uninterrupted supply of Sidhuisms.

Be it his cricket commentary or television stints, Sidhu, has time and again bowled us over by delivering his unique Sidhuism, often with a mix of wit and humour. 

Here are some quotes and instances from Sidhu that will leave you in splits:

"The third umpires should be changed as often as nappies and for the same reason". That is how the man from Patiala had described an umpire.

The Kapil Sharma show controversy:

Sidhu was in trouble after a case was filed against him for cracking vulgar jokes on the show.

"An old man once went to the toilet to attend nature’s call, when he returned he saw that he had not fastened the button of his pant. When asked for the reason, he replied, a road that has no treasure, what is the point of putting a lock to it?" he had said.

On Cricket Statistics:

"Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than what they hide."

On Sachin not playing in a match:

"Indian team without Sachin is like giving a Kiss without a squeeze."

On Ganguly running Rahul Dravid out of the team:

"Ganguly has thrown a drowning man both ends of the rope."

Resignation from Rajya Sabha

Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha for not getting involved in any of political activities in favor of BJP. "Rajya Sabha se isteefa is liye diya kyunki mujhe kaha gaya tha ki Punjab ki taraf mooh nahi karoge. (I resigned because I was told you won't look towards Punjab)."

Sidhu fired from international cricket commentary panel:

Sidhu was fired from ESPN/Star Sports Commentary panel for his racial comments against Bangladesh right after Bangladesh beat England in ICC World Cup 2011.

Sidhu and his wife:

Sidhu also courted controversy for taking his wife to official meetings.