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Strengthen your dairy portfolio with Chr. Hansen’s well-documented probiotics

Each year, millions of people across the globe suffer from respiratory discomfort and flu-like sickness.1 Bacteria and other external conditions that cause flu-like sickness can be difficult to avoid, so we rely on our immune systems to keep us healthy by fighting them. Studies have shown that consuming foods that contain probiotics—including Chr. Hansen’s L. CASEI 431®, BB-12®, and LGG® strains—may help strengthen our immune response, reducing incidences of sickness and allowing us to remain he

What are probiotics? 

Probiotics are live bacteria that may offer health benefits when consumed in proper quantities. In order to be considered a probiotic in scientific terms, food products must satisfy three criteria: they must contain live bacteria; have health benefits that are supported in human studies; and have an established proposed colony-forming unit (CFU) amount recommended for obtaining those benefits. While the scope of applications for probiotics is still being explored, specific strains have shown some benefits for enhancing immunity. 

Probiotics may support the immune system

Respiratory discomfort and flu-like sickness—including fever, cough, and a sore throat—can be a burden on individuals and communities alike, as those who experience discomfort may be absent from work. 

Numerous studies suggest that certain probiotic strains may support the maintenance of a healthy immune system, helping to avoid respiratory discomfort and flu-like sickness. In particular, the L. CASEI 431®, BB-12® and LGG® strains have been studied in high-quality clinical trials. Supplementing with these strains has been associated with fewer instances of respiratory discomfort. 

Interest in wellness is on the rise

While probiotic products have traditionally been considered beneficial to digestive health, recent years have seen a growing interest in using probiotics to improve immunity. This reflects a longer-term trend that suggests consumers are increasingly committed to maintaining good health and understand that wellness can be supported by healthy choices. 

Probiotics add value to traditional dairy products

The growing interest in probiotics among consumers represents a unique opportunity for dairy producers to capture additional value and differentiate their products. Consumers expect probiotic benefits from foods that have a credible connection to fermentation, and dairy products with ancient fermentation histories, such as dahi, buttermilk,lassie, are natural choices for those seeking these benefits.

With Chr. Hansen’s scientifically demonstrated strains, innovation can be brought to any fermented milk product, including dahi,buttermilk,lassie,yoghurt,Greek yoghurt,drinking yoghurt, kefir, etc.

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