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When Will You Get Married? Explains Best Marriage Astrologer

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When Will You Get Married? Explains Best Marriage Astrologer

If the marriage timing cycle is not supporting that particular time for your marriage, it may not give you desired results.

When will I get married is common anxiety in a person’s mind after reaching a legitimate marriageable age. This anxiety when I will get married - takes many to the websites where you get many guiding tools or calculators to let you know when will you get married? But can these tools or apps tell you when will you get married just by your putting the birth details in these tools? NO: Without considering the personalized reasons like economic conditions, family circumstances and many other factors, even the best marriage astrologer or the best astrology website cannot give correct predictions about when a person will get married. In todays’ time when career has assumed an important role in our lives, more so for Females, simply putting birth details in such apps may not give you the correct predictions as to when a person will get married.   

Now there are two main factors to determine when will you get married? First, are you ready to marry based on your personal circumstances as explained above? This you have to decide yourself, and honestly, even the best marriage astrologer may not be of much help here, except guiding you what could be the impact if you delay the marriage beyond a point. This I will explain later in this narration. Now come to the second point: what do the planets in your horoscope indicate when you will get married. Yes, a good marriage astrologer can surely help you here. Now, understand how any good marriage astrologer would help you in knowing when will a person get married? I will explain all this from a commoner’s point of view. You can read all technical astrological aspects on many astrology websites, including mine.  

When will I get married – you have to help yourself

When will a person get married has two ways to look at it. One is that you plan to marry in a systematic manner which I will explain further down. And second is to get concerned about getting married out of compulsions, haste or maybe because you have crossed the right age to marry. This could be: perhaps you did not find the right life partner, or some other factors held you back from getting married. In either of the cases, it is important for you to know the right time to marry and whom to marry. I will explain very simple steps for anyone to understand. This holds good even if the matter relates to late or Second marriage. 

know right time to marry from horoscope

One is that you start making efforts about your marriage as per your choice. But if the marriage timing cycle is not supporting that particular time for your marriage, it may not give you desired results. Many get disheartened as their search does not meet the desired fate, and the marriage becomes a mirage. Some even feel or are told that there is No Marriage Yoga in their horoscope. It is not correct. Let me tell you there is nothing called No Marriage Yoga, and all can get married. You see, for everything, there is a time cycle and making efforts at the right time gets the results faster. This is nothing new, and we all know it. In the same way, for marriage also, there are six-time cycles during which a person can get married. The position of planets in the main house of marriage indicates which is the best time cycle for a person to get married. You miss that time cycle means your efforts to get married may not meet the right target when you try later. A careful study of the 7th house in the horoscope and its intrinsic relationship with the main planet Venus, its Dasha, and Antardasha by a good marriage astrologer will tell you the right time to marry from your horoscope. Let the astrologers do their job, but it is sure, one can know the right time to marry from horoscope. But best marriage astrologer is the one who understands how to interpret Dasha , Mahadasha, and Dasha Bhukti instead of simply reading the planet Venus and 7th house plainly.  

Many may say to predict marriage timing by Zodiac Signs. I have a different opinion on this. Your Zodiac sign is determined when you are born, but the timing of marriage depends on many other factors as the person grows in life. Therefore, giving predictions for the right time for marriage just by Zodiac Sign or putting birth details in an App without considering actual life situations of the person I feel is not correct. 

Reaching the marriage age and having an intent to marry, just ask a good marriage astrologer what is that time cycle which is the best for you to get married. You will come to know the right time to marry from your horoscope. Now comes how to find the best life partner. 

You will have Love or arranged marriage

When will a person get married also depends on whether a person will have love marriage or arranged marriage? Now I have some useful insights for both whether you want to go for love or arranged marriage. When you are in Love, you know many things about the opposite person, but in my opinion, it is not enough. Falling in love and converting that love relationship into a marital cord is a wonderful idea. Getting married is what we want, but getting married in haste, over-anxiety, and bypassing all parameters for a happy marriage, is not something I recommend. Here I can tell you that there are clear indications in your horoscope to support and for the success of a love marriage. Just get your Lagna, Lagnesh & their relationship with 5th and 7th house vetted through a good marriage astrologer. It is a small step before you leap into the lifelong relationship called “Love Marriage”. 

Now coming back to an arranged marriage, people start talking in the close circle, family friends, social media exposure, and matrimonial sites. When you do all this, I have a suggestion: filter your search from 10 to 5. How do you do it – very simple: a little careful study of your 7th house can let you know about your future life partner's direction, background, and profession. A good marriage astrologer can even tell you about the personality, colour, and many other similar things about your future spouse. Once you have hints about so many things, your search gets focused, refined and helps a person find the right life partner. 

Once you know the best time cycle for marriage and so many things about your life partner, it will immensely help you to know: when will you get married? But then despite all this, if a person is not getting married, there must be some reasons. But more important is to understand what can happen when a person does not get married within the best time cycle to marry?

indication of not getting married in horoscope

Gone are the days of Bal Vivah (child marriage) or whatever parents decide, a child will marry. Over the decades, females’ perception and aspiration for life partner have also changed. Another factor is in todays’ time; females would not like to be known only as Mrs. ABC. Women’s liberation has made the male fraternity also to fall in line with this. They(female) want a person of their own choice. However, this can create issues associated with late marriage, especially in the case of females. In the case of a late marriage:

  1. It can reduce the choices for the spouse as many eligible might have already slipped out.
  2. This can make a person desperate also to get married and maybe end up making a wrong decision.
  3. Adaptability and nature to adjust reduces, and maybe stubbornness comes in. This can become a very important factor in carrying your married life successfully.
  4. Family and other responsibilities might make a person indifferent towards the spouse. 
  5. Health issues can come in.
  6. Natural pleasure slips away. This directly affects attraction towards the spouse.
  7. Progeny can have issues.
  8. Any issues in the 7th house, the house for marriage can affect your 10th house, the house for career and profession.
  9. Late marriage can make you lose the right time to activate your 9th house, the house of fate. 
  10. But a good marriage astrologer can tell you all such indications of not getting married in time from a horoscope. It needs a careful study of specific planets in the 7th house (main house for marriage), 8th house (house of obstructions and delays in life), and 9th house (the house of fate). 

So, cheer up if you are looking to know when will you get married? Know the best time cycle to marry, make refined and guided steps to find your life partner, and have a good and time marriage. People who are focused more on the career should particularly consider the implications of the late marriage. Do not let your priorities shift too much to a particular aspect of life, as all these things in the horoscope have an intrinsic relationship and inter-related effects. 

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