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What is the best remedy to win court cases explains Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

What is the best remedy to win court cases explains Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

The Vedic astrology effectively reads all quadrants of human life, and therefore court cases are no different. Dr.Vinay Bajrangi - top best astrologer in India, while divulging interconnecting secrets between courts-cases and astrology, revealed Yogas (combinations) in a horoscope that suggests who gains and who loses on the duel of court cases. He also gave the mysterious methods to turn a court case loss into a win. He first explained on reasons for court cases. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Can an astrologer see Court Cases /Legal issues in a Horoscope?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Yes! An able astrologer can see court cases or legal matters and issues in a horoscope. But, different houses are depicting different genre of court cases. There are four types of people crisscrossing the galleries of courts; the first one is court-aggressive and tries to take on everyone by slapping court-cases on them. The second category is those on the receiving ends and is entangled into a case unwillingly or knowingly. The third category is those who gain from court cases, like the lawyers, judges, and habitual court case slappers. The fourth category is of the people who, as a duty, visit the different courts like the duty-bound govt employee.

Now the strength of all these four types of people in matters related to court cases is seen through different houses of the Horoscope. A well-read and experienced astrologer can very well see through the chart the person's ability to deal with the court cases and the possibility of winning.

Which planet or House indicates a court case in Horoscope?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Every House and every planet in the Horoscope has something to do with the matters related to court cases. As understood by many, the start point of a horoscope is the ascendant or the first House. In factuality, the Horoscope is a cyclic thing where every House is the first House, and every House is also the last House. We try and calculate the strength transmitted by each House and every planet to a particular house. Through this, we analyze the power factor of every House. Making things a bit simple, this is how things are analysed:

The Sixth house indicates the probability of having court cases.

The Seventh House is the strength & weakness of the opponents. The Seventh House also gives an idea of negotiation one could have with the opponents.

The eighth House in the Horoscope indicates the magnitude of punishment one can get out of court cases. It also shows the type of difficulties one can face in court cases and the court case's duration.

The 12th House in Horoscope is seen for the outcome. A strong Lagna Lord favors the native.

All these readings help in court case prediction from birth chart.

Is there any Yoga of lawsuit in a Horoscope or Kundli?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Yes! There are many yogas of the lawsuit is a horoscope. But these Yogas fructify only when the Dasha (period) of the relevant planet is in operation. If the Dasha points towards a native going into a court case and the transiting planets have a different opinion, the native may not land up in a court case. For general reference, the Yogas for a lawsuit are a weak sixth house, inflicted lord of sixth House with malefic like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. A connection of 6th House with the 8th or the 12th House.

Can astrology help in winning the court cases?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Definitely, yes! Through astrology, one can know the best period to file, appear, and defer the court case. This will help in gliding effortlessly through the proceeding and eventually winning. How – this I will try to explain it with an example. Mr. Nathu Ram Mahale (name changed) was fighting a court case that was slapped on to him by his Government department on corruption charges. He was the smallest fry and got caught, whereas the main offenders were given a clean chit. He was fighting the case against the Government machinery, which had a battery of able lawyers. He had also hired a big name to defend him, but all the lawyers' efforts were going in vain, and Mr. Mahale was not even able to get a bail. His chart revealed that his sixth House was weak. Sixth House tells about the power one has to fight and win a court case. However weak the sixth House is, it can be made powerful with the aid of proper Dasha, Gochar. I calculated the supportive planets' strengths and asked him to wait for a few months till it ( good dasha) comes. I also suggested changing his lawyer as the lawyer with the big name proved useless and was also depleting his bank balance. We got the bail and eventually was able to turn the tables on the department.

Not only this, there were many cases in which the strength of the sixth House was very less, and if the native had tried to fight it down in the wrong Dasha and Gochar, would have lost miserably, but proper usage of the charts can prove otherwise. Mark the words – favorable dasha and Gochar (transits) play vital in winning the legal issues. Therefore, it can be said astrology can help in winning court cases.

Is there a Jail or imprisonment yoga in Birth Chart?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: This is known as Bandhan Yoga. It is elaborately explained in the 'Jataka Tatvam', the classical book on astrology. In modern times This Bandhan Yoga is attributed to prison or Police custody, but it is also attributed to all kinds of negative influences and black magic.  Those in the habit of drugs are also considered under 'Bandhan Yoga'. Negatively placed Saturn and inflicted twelfth House speaks volumes about this 'Bhandhan Yoga' or the 'Jail or imprisonment Yoga' in the birth chart.

Affliction to the at 2nd House, 5th House, 9th House, and 12th house houses is seen as a 'Bandhan'.  Jupiter is the natural doer or 'karaka' of 2nd, 5th, and 9th House; therefore, afflicting Jupiter is also attributed to 'Bandhana yoga'.

Another form of 'Bandhan Yoga' is formed when the same number of planets are in 2–12 houses, 3–11 houses, 4–10 houses, 5–9 houses, and 6–12 houses.

12th House is the house primary house to look for 'Bandhan' as many significations point towards confinements or 'Bandhan' such as isolation, hospital, asylums, meditation, or past life (as per Brihat-Jataka) and moksha. Therefore, an affliction of this House or its lord is again an indicative of the Bhadhan Yoga in the Horoscope.

Saturn is the chief doer or the karaka of 12th House and one of the key planets that creates a Bandhan yoga. Therefore, an affiliated Saturn creates a 'Bhandhan Yoga'. Two or more malefic like Saturn-Rahu, Saturn -Ketu, Saturn-Mars, Mae's-Rahu, Mars-Ketu can also create this yoga.

 Does horoscope indicate when can one get relief from court cases or Legal Issues?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi:  It has to be diligently read from the Horoscope. There are specific durations of times that are conducive for winning bail from a court, and likewise, there are also specific times that are favorable for getting a benefic judgment. It all takes to read these good Dasha and Gochar or transits for getting relief in court cases. Recently, the uncle of a high-profile convict arrested for his wrongdoings contacted my office to understand what was to be his nephew's fate. They had tried some elaborate pujas and rituals, but they failed every time they went to the court to obtain bail. Actually, the man ran a Dasha (period) of a deep malefic with an Antar(sub-period) of a malefic. This period was not going to end soon, but the man was to get Sun in a better position in transit. Sun also denotes the Government. I predicted a faint chance to get bail unless people from the Government side can come for the rescue. They played their political cards and won the bail.   So, it has to be understood that despite weak planets in the Dasha of a positive planet, or the anti-court case planet, one can get relief from the court cases.

What is the best remedy to win court cases?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Before I divulge this fact, I would want to throw a caution that remedies done for an improper planet can do more harm than benefiting the individual. Also court cases have equal role of your opponents also which differ in each court case, even if the person is same. So I can figure out any remedy as the best remedy to win the court or legal cases.

The best Remedy for Court Cases or Legal Issues is to strengthen the planets responsible for winning the court cases, weaken the planets against winning, and wait for the Dasha of the positive planet to come. But if it is not happening this way, then the best way is to weaken the sixth House and its lord.

Appeasing the Nakshatra of the sixth House or the Nakshatra where the sixth lord is placed is also important. But, whatever is to be done should be done under the guidance of a good astrologer who has sufficient experience to deal with court cases relating matters.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, top best Vedic astrologer in India, with his headquarters in Noida can be contacted at or at 9278665588 or 9278555588. Next in the series, he will talk about past life reading/analysis with Karma correction.