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What Does Finance Horoscope Say

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What Does Finance Horoscope Say

There is a difference between losing a customer and losing an order. If we understand this, we should also understand that there is a difference between Money, Finance and Wealth.

In today’s time money has become the most significant status symbol and frankly there is a rat race to show money power. Sometimes, this money quest lands you in many lucrative schemes and offers to invest or borrow which may or may not be the best option for you. But once we make a decision and it proves to be wrong, we may repent for life. Losing a small chunk of money is different from getting your whole financial planning totally topsy-turvy.

There is a difference between losing a customer and losing an order. If we understand this, we should also understand that there is a difference between Money, Finance and Wealth. If getting money is a daily or monthly phenomenon, managing that money for the long run is financial planning, which is the final step to create wealth. And that is where there is a need to know what does your finance horoscope says.

Why in today's world:
Some people do not earn money throughout their life even for their livelihood, 
Some earn but lose, 
Some earn, create wealth, but suddenly some wrong decisions make them lose everything. 
Some borrow but land into a debt trap even with the small borrowings.

The worst is that you keep accumulating the wealth but are deprived of its enjoyment. 
So there must be some fundamental factors to distinguish between these sets of people. And that is where one needs to understand what does a finance horoscope says about your money inflow, outflow, your ability to manage your Finance and finally, to accumulate wealth. To understand what does finance horoscope says, we need to analyse finance horoscope by date of birth from some different angels. A careful study of your finance horoscope makes you know:
How much money you can earn?

Will you have your self-acquired money or will you need to borrow?

If borrowed, will you be able to repay without getting into a debt trap?

How should you plan your Finance with this money – be it earned or borrowed?

Finally, will you be able to accumulate and more importantly, enjoy this wealth or you are only accumulating for others to enjoy.

Your money horoscope by date of birth

Many interpret money horoscope by date birth based on Zodiac Sign. But here my contention is that you get your Zodiac sign when you are born. To a large extent, you get many things as a result of your past live(s) deeds. But how you derive the actual results from what is there in the horoscope depends how you negotiate and manage your Karmas post-birth. Your actual life events and situations give you enough circumstances to alter the results in your first allotted horoscope. Also seeing money horoscope by date of birth needs to be cross-examined with its intrinsic relation with many other houses.

Your money horoscope by date of birth means mainly reading the 11th house of a horoscope, the house of gains.
But if the 11th house tells about money, one needs to also get 12th house, the house of expenses checked.

The same way, one needs to know about houses responsible for health and expected diseases. Sometimes, person earns tons of money but outflow in expenses in above house can eat away all the good results of 11th house.

All this directly decide the results a person will get from the 2nd house, the house for person’s saving and economic growth.

Now once you have understood the expected inflow and outflow, one needs to manage the money as Finance.

Finance horoscope by date of birth

Finance horoscope by date of birth is not totally different from money horoscope by date of birth. But it is an extension of reading and analyzing your capabilities to manage your finances. With a good inflow of money and sometimes with surplus money, people tend to make wrong financial decisions. That is where one needs to see what does your finance horoscope by date of birth says and how should you plan your finances for the short term and long term to create wealth. Your finance horoscope by date of birth is not only studying inflow and outflow of money. But needs to be vetted through many other houses which have direct impact on your money in short and long run.

Financial planning starts from your 1st house because it tells you all about your nature and abilities to deal with the situation in life.

One should stake finances in businesses only if your 10th house is strong enough for you to do business.

One should put finances in property only if there is good property Yoga in person’s horoscope.
Your finance horoscope also lets you know if one should put finances in speculative moves say stock market. This needs a careful study of your 2nd house, the house of wealth, 5th and 8th house, the houses for speculative and sudden gain.

Sometimes, we have to walk through the health of the self and family and give top priority to preserve finances for such contingencies.  

Now comes another important aspect of life, i.e when to meet either the essentials for life or for investment or in a fantasy to create wealth, a person decides to borrow.

Borrow if your horoscope allows

Loans/borrowing as easy money may tempt many to indulge and fall prey to the debt traps. Taking Loans for a genuine reason & taking loans with pre-conceived bad intentions have a different perspective totally. Reasons for the first category can be circumstantial/incidental, which are easy to handle astrologically. The second category also can be seen & treated in astrology, but it has a different angle to reading traits of cheating in a person's horoscope. 
Why a person with huge loans steers all steps in repaying the loan, keeps taking and enjoying borrowed money. And for some, even a small Loan becomes debt trap for life. There are two important things here. One is your intent while borrowing money. One mostly knows from the inner conscious what is the intention behind taking a loan? If someone denies it, it is hypocrisy or posturing and nothing else.

Your ascendant and ascendant Lord indicates such characteristics and traits to a large extent. More the malefic planets here, more are such tendencies to use loans for deliberate and deceitful purposes. They sooner or later repent for it though. Here I would like to explain how can your finance horoscope assist you while deciding to take a loan or borrow money.

My main focus here would be to analyse and understand when we take loans for genuine reasons and face debts & financial issues in our life. The situation sometimes becomes that of a debt trap & trouble the person for life. These are some specific indications of debts and financial problems in the horoscope. An intelligent person will try to know the impact of these indications beforehand, and then plan taking and giving loans. First, I will try to explain a few important aspects related to loans and borrowings.

Your intent is the first point to check before you opt for taking any loan. I will tell give you a live example: airline business.

Four sets of people managed funds from various sources for the same business. Two have ruined not only that particular business but are facing the biggest miseries of their life. Whereas 3rd and 4th sets of people or maybe more like them took loan with clear intentions to grow business and are still on the move. There are many such stories where people siphoned off the borrowed (managed) funds and are facing the biggest miseries of their life(s). You would wonder what astrology has to do with it. Have patience to read further down and try to understand some other aspect of taking loans. 

Loan for property: Before taking any loan against or for any property, one needs to see whether the person has positive Property Yoga or not. We know many are stranded at present with loans with piling interest but did not get the property for which they took the loan. Another thing to see here is for what purpose, you are buying the property: for your living necessities or make it as a business. All cannot gain in property business if they do not have “business yoga” in their horoscope. So for them such a loan can become a disaster.

Loan for education: Again a good cause but a small vetting at this stage as to what are the chances of your success in that particular education field/stream. Your horoscope tells you this.
Loan for study or settlement in a foreign land: It is a good cause for taking a loan, but it is always advisable to check what your chances of success in foreign land are? Be it study or settlement.

Your horoscope tells you all this. 

Borrowings for stock market: A very recent trend where people get tempted to invest in share market taking short-term loans/overdrafts. But did we check what did our horoscope say about success in the stock market? 

Personal Loans: Many times people take personal or private loans willing to pay a heavy interest rate. Such loans are generally for extra mundane things, fantasies, and extravagant needs or maybe to prove a superficial image.  
Now I will explain how can astrology help you here:  
How can astrology help in debt/loan

What has astrology to do with debts when it is human act? Astrology mandates a careful study of the sixth House of horoscope for debts & financial issues. It is worth mentioning here that a careful study of your 6th house can identify all these reasons of debts or financial issues in a horoscope, then giving solutions is also an easy job.
The main planets to identify loans and debts in the horoscope are Rahu, Mars & Saturn, and main House indicating financial issues in the horoscope are 6th House, 8th, 11th House & 12th House. 

In the case of debt, planet Mars is alone enough to put you in stress. Planet Rahu will make a situation more critical and Saturn will make the job more miserable and frustrating. 

Planet Mars is the main culprit in these cases and Mars if connected with Dusthana gives you passion, overconfidence and can push you into wrong habits for which person will atone later. 
Saturn is a lord of misery, frustrations. Saturn keeps a problem alive in one's life for a more extended period. A malefic Saturn can keep the ascendant in debt for a more extended period. 
Rahu is the most mysterious planet in Astrology to create illusion and attachment. A Negative Rahu can fantasies a person to indulge in all types of illegitimate activities in the worst possible manner to make them face extreme consequences in their life ahead. Many stories are witnessed to such a Rahu in a persons’ horoscope.

Rahu can make a situation more complicated and if the 8th House is involved, it can make somebody bankrupt.

Planets keep changing their impact every day and you cannot base your decisions either abruptly or simply based on this. But whenever you have to take any financial decision, reading daily horoscope for finance can really help you. Just select your Zodiac sign and see what planets say for your finance horoscope for that day. You should not and cannot base major decisions based on daily horoscope predictions but you can always adjust your auspicious day and time for such a financial decisions.

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