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We Simplify Business Buying, Selling and Investing: Sanket Modi, Founder and Director, Simplified Marketplace

Simplified Marketplace is a common platform for all business buyers, sellers, investors, franchise buyers, sellers and even business mentors.

We Simplify Business Buying, Selling and Investing: Sanket Modi, Founder and Director, Simplified Marketplace
Sanket Modi, Founder and Director, Simplified Marketplace -

The world has moved into the digital age, and the upcoming trends and technologies are clearly indicative of an unconditional shift to the online space for all categories of businesses. Hence, embracing this shift rather than adhering to traditional business dynamics is the wise thing to do.

Sanket Modi, Founder and Director of Simplified Marketplace, states, "Evolving times call for evolving perspectives. We were keen on providing a convenient solution for business trades across India. Simplified Marketplace is the result of our endeavours to offer that solution on a common platform for all business buyers, sellers, investors, franchise buyers and sellers, and even business mentors."

"We, as a country, are in a very volatile situation. This is especially owing to the pandemic situation that has hit our country really hard. It has become increasingly difficult for business owners to stay afloat with the restricting CoVID compliances. All this demands greater digitalization initiatives. We have designed and developed a digital platform to ease the struggles of business owners and investors to seamlessly conduct the sale/purchase/investment in potential businesses across the country at the touch of their fingertip," adds Sanket.

Simplified Marketplace recognizes the grind that business owners have to endure to connect with and close a business deal with the desired business entity. It can be a truly exasperating and exhaustive process that can be very demotivating for many individuals. They have solved this dilemma by bringing together the entire gamut of business trade under an umbrella. It has effectively eradicated the struggles, anxieties, and disappointments that come with the territory under traditional circumstances.

Sanket says, "Our digital platform offers myriads of benefits unrivalled by others in the market. We have designed our platform with the objective of helping our clients discover potential businesses buying, selling, and investment opportunities. They can conveniently compare prospective business proposals and make an informed and profitable decision."

In pursuit of their mission to do business, buying, selling, and investing easy, Simplified Marketplace has also tied up with the country's most prominent banks and financial institutions. They are committed to ensuring that the lack of money shouldn't hold back business owners and investors from fulfilling their dreams. Thus they help their clients to avail themselves business loans easily through their banking partners.

Considered a boon for franchise sellers and buyers, Simplified Marketplace helps its clients sell and acquire franchises across cities and states. Through their platform, one can discover hundreds of great franchises without being limited by geographical boundaries and buy them with ease.

Simplified Marketplace also offers mentoring services by experts with vast experience and deep knowledge across all industry sectors. Entrepreneurs and first-time investors can significantly benefit from the expert guidance of these business mentors.

Sanket Modi states, "Our unique selling point (USP) is that Simplified Marketplace overlooks physical borders to enable our clients to reach new markets across India and also establish new trading partnerships. In short, we give our clients heightened exposure multiplying their prospects of connecting with ideal businesses."

Owing to its tech-driven and convenience-based approach, Simplified Marketplace is already a well-known name in the industry for online business trading. The company offers a certain level of accountability, as they verify the credentials of all their enlisted clients. Being a digital platform implies better discovery and transaction turnaround time.

Sanket confides, "We have clients saying great things about us that motivate us to work harder to address the smallest of their challenges and add value to their experience on our platform. We promise to keep evolving and add result-oriented features to our online Marketplace. Our vision is to provide all types of businesses a common platform to easily connect and access opportunities of sales, purchase, investment, and business mentorship. And we intend to make it even more seamless and value-based irrespective of the size of the business. We want business buyers, sellers, investors, franchise buyers and sellers, and mentors to come together on our digital business marketplace to make win-win deals. Our goal is to become the ultimate resource for business trade all over India."

Simplified Marketplace is truly an inspiring endeavour easing the lives of business owners and investors across our country. It will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of India's economy in the future. Know More:


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